Wednesday, December 2, 2015

December on Idle Rogue

It's a big big month for Idle Rogue, in addition to your regularly scheduled live music events at After Dark, we'll have DJ sessions with Maeve, chry and Mercutio Evanier, plus Guerilla Burlesque returns for  Winter, HVE bring us the Red Hot Chili Peppers  and Tallyesin and Saintess Larnia have gigs scheduled at The Falls Stage. We also have a couple of secret projects in the works, and the 1000 Rogues Empyrean Forge gift will go out as your Christmas gift.
Check out this Friday's events!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

NIN Tribute performance on Friday night + a great gift as we gain our thousandth Rogue!

Seven Birthdays for Idle Rogue
Tallyesin sings "Wicked Game" on The Falls Stage at Idle Rogue

The Idle Rogue group turned seven on November 6th. Thanks to those who rocked up to watch Tallyesin and Saintess perform. We're just delighted to have both artists back on our stage, and they are returning every second week between now and December, extending the live music excellence of After Dark on Idle Rogue and returning us to providing premium entertainment in the swingshift.

Nine Inch Nails Tribute Concert - Friday 8pm
High Voltage Entertainment and Idle Rogue productions present NINE INCH NAILS in tribute this Friday night from 8pm. HVE plan and stage meticulous concert events, recreating special effects and personalities to bring you a legitimately immersive concert in your Second Life.

Friday's event recreates the work of industrial rock icons Nine Inch Nails, whose visually mesmerising live concerts are legendary across the world. The music pumps and the HVE crew give some of the best party you will find on the grid.
As usual there will be linden dollar prizes for your best industrial look, and chry will DJ afterwards for those who want to stay on.  

1000 Rogues

Membership of the Idle Rogue group currently stand at 956, so we thought we'd prepare a celebratory gift for our group members as we cross into that magic zone. Our friends at Empyrean Forge put great thought into how best to capture the spirit of the Idle Rogues, an eclectic and charismatic group who shine wherever they appear. Their beautiful necklace gift will be available as soon as we gain our 1000th member, so start sending those invites, you know this thing we got is too good not to share x

In recognition of who we are now, we've changed the group description. It now reads
"Renegade, capable, rebellious and bold. We like making things pretty, and we like making pretty things"

It's hard to express how gratifying it is to be part of Idle Rogue, to be part of this dynamic group and to be included amongst it's glamorous and witty members. As the events roll on, and we look forward to another chance to play with you and for you in our beautiful virtual world, I am humbled by the trust this group puts in me. I genuinely, truly, hope your time with us is the time of your SLife, and that even if it's not, you feel welcomed and valued at Idle Rogue. Everything we do, we do with you in mind. Thank you for staying with us!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

It's our 7th Birthday!

On November 6th, 2008, the Idle Rogue group was established to secure lease of a parcel on mainland Yeonghuengdo and provide a hangout for builders and creatives with an alternative stance. By February 2009 we were hosting our own major events and had become a recognised force in virtual worlds entertainment. In 2012 we moved to our own sim and, operating as Idle Rogue Productions, we formed Guerilla Burlesque (SL).
Across the years, Idle Rogue has hosted the best musicians performing in Second Life. We have produced music and dance entertainment events, live concerts and themed parties. We strive, at all times, to provide the kind of entertainment we would, ourselves enjoy. And so it is that every Idle Rogue is integral to the success of Idle Rogue.
I would personally like to thank every Rogue who has dwelt with us, and every traveller who saw what we were doing and wanted to spend a little time with us. Without you, we could not have grown into the force we are today. You shape us by the way you interact with us.
It is my great pleasure to announce that we will return to running live music in the very early hours of Friday mornings, as we did for many years, and in addition to the smokey pleasures of our stablemates at After Dark SL
So it's our birthday. And we have some great live music lined up. Join us at The Falls Stage on Friday night to celebrate with us!
At 1am - The Last Idle Rogue, chryblnd Scribe plays alt/indie/wtf-ery to kick start proceedings.
At 2am -Tallyesin is a Welsh singer-guitarist whose affable charm does not prepare you for such formidable talent. With a polished and classy style, Tally presents mainstream and alternative ballads and he's just. so. good. If your live music experience has been a little disappointing at this time of night - meet the remedy.
At 3am - SaintessLarnia's sultry vocals and sharp songwriting make for a quality entertainment event we have been proud to present at Idle Rogue for many years. Saintess is an Idle Rogue favourite because she's engaging and thoroughly contemporary in style. Her covers come from favourite alternative acts, and her own songs are on point, witty and well put together.
Join as we return to presenting the best of live music in our time zone, and celebrate our 7th birthday Rogue style.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Saturday October 24th at Camp Roguery | Burn 2

Saturday Schedule
We are coming to the close of our Burn 2 schedule. Today's events are:

At 5pm - Sara-Marie Philly (live musician)
at 6pm - Burn The Man (Burn 2 official event)
at 10pm - Guerilla Burlesque's Carnival Of Mirrors Closing show
at 11pm - dj.chry  - Mostly Horny

It's been such a delight to play for the week at Burn 2, seeing old friends, meeting new ones. So many good times and memories.
Tonight we will be attending the Burning of the Man ceremony at 6pm. This is a truly engaging event, and we would be honoured if you would join us attending it.
Come as you are, or come as the wonderful Carnival of Rogues that we know resides at the heart of this community. Please no weapons, but find your inner dark and sexy Carney, and join us at the super-laggy, crazy beautiful Man Burn 2015.

Yesterday's Mail

Friday's winner event has to be the Pasties and Panties Art Tour, but it was a close call, every event was just a blast.

Kyra led us out of the gate with her Rock Show, and interactive that featured great metal and rock songs. She's like Cordie's twin, same sunny nature and welcoming charm. And speaking of Cordie, the Monster Mash Interactive was so cool, and heavily attended, because of course everyone loves to dress up as a monster and dance to Thriller. Even I did it, and I hate Thriller!

And then it was time for the Great Pastie Caper. I believe we rode bikes. I believe we looked at art installations. I definitely saw pasties. The rest was a kind of benign chaos, but it was the single most glorious event of the year for me.

This was a late inspiration from Thea Dee, who, it must be said, serves as unofficial Community Officer for Idle Rogue, and certainly is the nexus for Idle Rogue at Burn 2. It was just a great fun event, that could only have been put together by someone who cared not only about Roguery, not only about Burn 2, but about art. And pasties. Thank you Thea.And thank you Jess Cauld, your bike gift saved me from a trip into the mountains, never to be seen again.

Something happens at Burn. You're not who you usually are. You let go of things that you usually use to repress yourself. And nobody behaves especially badly, but it's very cool to watch people have fun, and let a side of themselves loose. I see a bunch of photos of me in pasties. That's ... not usual. And yet I didn;t want to get dressed when it was clearly time to cover back up!

Of course, what happens on the Playa stays on the Playa, so you'll never know unless you go ;-)

In our pasties and panties, and with more than one willing naturist joining us along the way, we arrived at the DMV in time for the LampLighters Parade, and were generously invited to join, which was wonderful. The LampLighters have taken on a spiritual assignment for their Burn, and it's quite moving to watch them make their way across the site.

After LampLighters we had a really unique and exciting live music session. JavaJoe MacIntyre was in exceptional form, his beautiful voice not so much a vocal fry as a vocal razing. Joe was on his A Game, and if you have ever heard him like that you know what a treat it was.

Komuso Tukogawa followed, and was also in his best form. I feel genuinely honoured by these two innovative musicians and the quality of performance they delivered. There was nothing same ol' about either of these guys, and well played blues music is always a gift to the heart. I am so grateful to those who made this performance possible.

Tyche Szondi directed Burnlesque, an authentic burlesque revue that featured acts from Jess Cauld, Aubreya Joszpe, Zahra Ethaniel, a debut from Dear Misfit and more proof from Azabella Allamar (as if any were necessary) that she is the finest rock choreographer working today. It is really difficult finding animations that work with rock and metal music, let alone in an erotic routine, and Azabella consistently does all of that and looks breathtaking doing it.

Burnlesque suffered from several technical problems, but once again it was directed with grace and good humour, through to a duet ending from Ty and Meegan Danitz that worked as an authentic "show" workup of a burlesque-oriented tune - It Ain't The Meat, It's The Motion, by Maria Muldaur. With a stylised balcony stage set, and Rosie The Riveter meets Dita costuming, this was a fun act that felt like a dance act, in the very best context.

The last show of the evening was a reprise of Blaze DeVivre's highly praised The Kate Bush Indulgence, which I talked about on Tuesday. I'd like to extend my personal thanks to Blaze for repeating her performance, because I had been unable to see it in it;s complete form at the previous session. It was kind of her and her team to take the time to run it again for me, and I hope for some of you who had heard how beautifully crafted it was. I know Blaze feels it is still a work in progress, so you can look forward to another opportunity to see this production at Idle Rogue.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday October 23rd at Camp Roguery | Burn 2

Friday's Schedule

at 3pm - Kyra's Burn 
at 5pm - Interactive Dance session - Monster Mash 
at 6pm - Pasties and Panties Playa Art Tour 
at 7pm - Lamplighters Parade
at 8pm - JavaJoe Live 
at 9pm - Komuso Tukogawa 
at 10pm - Burnlesque 
at 11pm - Kate Bush Indulgence (Reprise)
at 6am (Saturday) - Burn The Man

Yesterday's Mail

Thursday at Burn is the day you crawl out of your swag ... or someone's swag ... and realise you're on the home stretch. It's like a little mid-life crisis, where you realise it's all going to end and there are things you wanted to do. Yes, it's a kind of madness, but the trick is to channel it.

Cordie's interactive was themed around a selective trip through music from the 20s to today. Ever the glamour, it's going to take her a while to get that fine white dust out of those beaded dresses!

Hells and Aubs ran a Demented Clowns party, and I loved everything about that gig. The costumes were beautiful, the dance moves were fun and the set was wild. Hells put together a playlist of metal mashups, and every song was a winner. If you missed this event, don't sleep, clowns will eat you. Fact.

After the Lamplighter break we hit the sand for a tribal/fusion set from DJ Lindy Hopper, sublime hostess of The Electric Monocle. If you are someone who feels they need their musical spectrum broadened, I urge you to look her up. This was another beautiful, melodic event, with guests displaying superb costumes on Cyllene's exotic Belly Dance Pit build.

Speaking of Cyllene, last night saw the last of the "Pit" (Belly Dance shows. Cyllene directed all five of these across the week. I have briefly mentioned, more than once, how professional and thorough her shows have been. They were enjoyed by many Burners who are now new friends, and saw performances from new dancers, such as Anashara Dubois, Jenna Dirval, and Dear Misfit who built up new acts from scratch and often fought intense lag to bring them to the stage. Literally. They were gorgeous, as were those stalwart established divas, such as Aubreya Joszpe, Zahra Ethaniel, Deb Heron, Chewie Quixote, Cyllene herself, Maar Vollous and Queenie Acacia. Blaze DeVivre delightedly extended her repertoire, and through all of this, Cyllene steadfastly led, it was a  very big workload and an unqualified success.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Thursday October 22nd at Camp Roguery | Burn 2

Thursday Schedule

3pm - Dance Interactive with Cordelia Cerise - Through The Year
Cordie takes you time travelling the old fashioned way - with great music and dance from times past
4pm - Demented Clowns with DJ Lobo and Aubreya Joszpe
It's Hells. It's Aubs. They're demented, and they're clowns, and you know this will be the most fun you can have standing up, so get your big feet on, let's go.
8pm - Tribal Fusion with DJ Lindy Hopper 
The elegant and erudite Lindy Hopper crafts playlists of fusion and tribal music that are at once remote and yet familiar. Equipped with the superpower of enabling you to feel swept away to exotic locations within the first four minutes of hearing her music, Hopper's warm and charming persona completes a truly memorable musical experience
10pm - Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Pit 
The Belly Dance Pit, scene of so much languor and delight this Burn 2 week, welcomes proponents of the Tribal/Fusion school today. Take your seats around the circular stage and enjoy the passionate melding of cultures.
2am - Vocalist-Guitarist Tallyesin live
Something for our Southern Hemisphere Rogues, an old favourite rejoins us for a run at the Burn stage. Tallyesin is a sublime vocalist-guitarist with a smooth but never bland musical style. Playing covers you will instantly recognise and his own alt-ballads, Tally presents a rich and engaging musical experience in the wee small hours.

Yesterday's Mail

It was all about that space last night at Camp Roguery. It's hard to spell, isn't it, Roguery? I've seen some wild version of it this week!

Wednesday started with a Belly Dance session in the traditional style. Performances from Aubreya Joszpe, Maar Vollous, Queenie Acacia, Anashara Dubois, Thea Dee, Chewie Smith and of course the Queen of The Pit for 2015, Cyllene Dembo, flashed and twirled "old school style" for a relaxed but attentive audience reclining amongst the cushions.

Cordie's interactive dance sessions are always well-attended, and you could see the words "food fight" brought them from across the Playa.

 Voodoo Shilton and his harem of (yet more) belly dancers took the floor from 8pm. Voodoo never disappoints, with his warm demeanour and his formidable fingers. He warned us that FunkyFreddy was going to be in the mood to tell stories, and he was on the money. With or without music, Freddy is a superlative storyteller who ranges through images that cannot be anything but a very human Americana.

Guerilla Burlesque ran a dance show featuring acts about Space and SciFi, with presentations from Zahara Ethaniel, Maeve Branner, Blaze DeVivre, Chewie Quixote and another coup de grace from Cyllene Dembo, who reprised her 2014 redemption epic, "Death Is The Road To Awe' to loud acclaim.

We closed out the night with in-theme tunes from the encyclopedic collection of Maeve Branner. As the nerd among the geeks I was lost in space, but the crowd were fun and fabulous, and that's what it really takes to make a great night out.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wednesday October 21st at Camp Roguery | Burn 2

Wednesday's Schedule:

4pm Traditional Belly Dance
The art form relies on simulating percussion and flow with the hips and torso, and these shows have been carefully produced to show off exactly that. These shows are hypnotic and sensual and today's Traditional display starts your Roguery day.

5pm - Interactive Dance Fun with Cordelia Cerise
Cordie's Interactive dance session today is a food fight, which promises to be a wet sticky mess you need to change the colour of your meditations.

8pm - Voodoo Shilton (live musician)
A gifted guitarist, Voodoo Shilton is in the top tier of performers in Second Life who can often be found roaming around in the jazz, gypsy, world, blues, classical and fusion genres. Musically satisfying performance from a classy entertainer

9pm - Funky Freddy Republic (live musician)
Freddy's distinctive vocals lend themselves to the classics of Americana, but his repertoire includes flashes of psychedelia and original rock, blues and alternative pieces .

At 10pm Space and SciFi Revue with Guerilla Burlesque
Yes, it's the home team, your dance troupe, presenting the best of their Sci Fi and Space themed acts in a revue directed by Chewie Quixote. Don't be shy, come in theme, you know we love it when you play with us ;)

From 11pm we round out the night with DJ Maeve Branner. Maeve's regular set on Idle Rogue is a nostalgic mindfuck of classics, covers and weird shit you are strangely drawn to and cannot leave. Like Space Food bars!

Yesterday's Mail

The day started quietly with Cordie's workout and a lull in the adventures until the Tutu Ball at 8pm. What a terrific event that was! Thea Dee took over the hud requirements, and the tunes were very well received. Outfits were dazzling and the banter was thoroughly entertaining from where I was standing. I recommend you check out Ty Szondi's photos for a feel for the Tutu love.

Exciting developments during the day saw two more events join the schedule. Due to popular demand, Blaze DeVivre and her team agreed to reprise The Kate Bush Indulgence at 11pm Friday night. I am still getting rave reviews for this production, and since I missed it on the first run, I am excited to get to see it. Will you come watch it with me? It will be one immediately after Burnlesque on Friday night, so you know there will be dancing in your Friday night visions.

Additionally, Thea Dee has had the inspired notion to take us on an art tour of the various installations on the playa, and since we are still striving to put the camp in your encampment, we have decided this is a pasties and panties event. As always we will take you as you are, but if you had some cute pasties  or boxers you've been dying to show off, this is your event. You'll need to bring a bike, or rezz one from our bike station, and the weather, I can assure you, suggests sunscreen. The Pasties and Panties Art Tour takes off from Camp Roguery at 6pm on Friday evening.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tuesday October 20th at Camp Roguery | Burn 2

Tuesday Schedule

It's Tutu Tuesday, that Burning Man Tradition, and Roguery Camp are bound and determine - though mostly bound - to put a little tulle in your Tuesday.

The day starts with another fun workout, Cordie style, this one is a mystery theme, but not the Sherlock kind. Just show up and do as your told, have we failed you yet?

Then we take a break til 8pm, but tonight's a good night to catch the LampLighters, if you haven't yet, another fiery tradition that adds to the Burn mythology. It starts at 7pm, ask them at the gate to get you there.

At 8pm we open up the sensual big top ballroom for the Tutu Ball, the first of many, we hope. I'll be playing the big epic rock songs that make you gaze at the horizon, while encouraging everyone to wear a very very short and gauzy skirt. You don't have to wear a Tutu, but you have to agree they are very pretty!

Vocalist-Guitarist Lyndon Heart takes over at 10pm. His music is smooth and beautifully made, with well chosen classics and some fine surprises to complete a satisfying experience.

Finally, at midnight, we present a feast of Western Belly Dance. These shows, in the opulent pit arena created by Cyllene Dembo, have been hypnotically beautiful, and this is a wonderful way to wrap up the evening at Roguery Camp.

Yesterday's Mail

From my observation the clear winner on Monday was Blaze DeVivre's jaw-dropping Kate Bush dance show, but this comes as no surprise. Blaze has absolutely levelled up in 2015, and she was a great dancer from her first audition. She has the passion of a true artist, and tenaciously brought this production to the stage with two years of loving forethought. A capacity audience responded rapturously, with so many affirmations that productions like this change how people see their Second Life. You can see photos from The Kate Bush Indulgence via the generosity of Doug Kavanagh.

We had a couple of live music performances, Andreus (Anj) Gustafsen came by and let the fingers fly, and TwinGhost Ronas, whose beautiful, beautiful voice is like a caress from a favourite lover also shared the Burn passion.

Last but by no means least, the spectacular traditional Belly Dance Traditional program suffered from a number of technical hitches and still managed to wow the gathered crowd. Big props to dancers Deb Heron, Jenna Dirval, Chewie Quixote, Queenie Acacia, Aubreya Joszpe and Cyllene Dembo (who once again directed with cool, calm and very effective leadership. You can see photos from the Belly Dance show and the Kate Bush show on Facebook, as well as crowd  and party scenes on the Idle Rogue Facebook page.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Monday October 19th at Camp Roguery | Burn 2

Sunday seemed to go well, so we thought we'd do it again for Monday!

Monday Schedule 
at 3pm - Interactive Dance session with Cordelia Cerise- Beach Party  
(see below). Dress for the beach!
at 5pm - Anj Gustafsen (live music) 
a rare musical treat from a truly accomplished multi-instrumentalist and vocalist
at 6pm - Traditional Belly Dance
regarded by many as an art form, Belly Dance is a traditional dance style believed to be Middle Eastern in origin. Tonight's performances are intended to reflect the fluidity and percussion of a well-articulated set of hips
 at 8pm - TwinGhost (live music)
TG is another sublime live and original vocalist-guitarist whose indie balladry is satisfyingly complex
at 10pm - Kate Bush Indulgence  Blaze DeVivre's magnum opus premieres at Burn 2 tonight. The Kate Bush Indulgence features performances by members of Guerilla Burlesque (SL) and a fully-realised vision for The Ninth Wave. This is original and new work by a gifted performance artist, don't miss it.
at 11pm - Goths on the Playa with DJ Chewie Quixote 
Something for the paler burner, Goth diva Chewie Quixote hosts this unique to Burn 2 event until 1am

Yesterday's Mail:

Sunday's events started out with a cool crowd at Cordie's dance interactive; if you've never been, she sets up mover prims and huds with dances to a themed soundtrack. She also sets a scene and provides some props to make it more fun. Tonight's event was a fusion of steamy songs and gearwork, and the costumes were a delight.

Deb Heron and I hosted the Corsets and Cigars event, and this was a truly fabulous outing, especially when the core Burners dropped by for a bit of play. Deb's choreo was dead on point for the glamorous crowd, and people seemed to enjoy those sultry sexy-burlesquey tunes. I had such a great time, I hope we do it again next year!

At 8pm we hosted Guerilla Burlesque in a mini-show that was short and very intense. New work from Aubreya Joszpe and Cordelia Cerise, plus much loved acts from Chewie Quixote and Zahra Ethaniel

The final program for the night was the steampunk-themed belly dance show. Directed by Cyllene Dembo, and featuring luscious performances from Deb Heron, Zahra Ethaniel (with Gamma Inifinity and Shesa Quandry), Maar Vollous, Maeve Branner and Cyllene herself, the soundtrack was carefully curated by Rebecca Dembo/ The sets were rich and intriguing and as someone who has never really caught the belly dance virus, I was riveted.  I look forward to the rest of the weeks belly events with great interest.

Photos from today's events can be found on the Idle Rogue Facebook page.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sunday October 18th at Burn 2 Camp Roguery

After a stunning opening night in which the sim reached capacity twice, it's time to settle into the rhythm of Camp Roguery with a guide to what you can expect from the events at camp today.

At 3pm, Cordelia Cerise presents the first of her "Dance Interactive" sessions. These are enormous fun, not least because Cordie runs them at her own venue, Whymsee, so she's a skilled hand at bringing together dances, props and fun. You arrive on site, pick up the goodies and sit on a prim, and let Cordie turn you into an accomplished dancer!

From 5pm, chry and Deb will be running a party event, Corsets and Cigars. Corsets, because we know how much you all love an excuse to go burly, and cigars because we want the boys to feel just as loved. Slip into your slinky burlesque best and join us in the glittering ballroom at Camp Roguery. Chry's playing burly songs, retro songs and sexy songs to keep you amused while you sashay around the room.

At 8pm Guerilla Burlesque return with another Variety Revue. Tonight directed by Chewie Quixote, this revue will feature beloved dance acts from one of the premier dance entertainment troupes in Second Life. Then stay on and enjoy the ambience as we prepare for the first of our Pit Shows, premiering at 10:00pm.

Directed by Cyllene Dembo, the Pit Shows are an exploration of the various sub-genres of bellydance. Our first adventure is steampunk themed, and as usual at any Idle Rogue event, you are encouraged to dress in theme and enjoy the fun in the most immersive way. The Pit Shows have been together with Cyllene's customary elegance and grace, and you can expect to be both soothed and seduced by the performances planned for this week.

If you missed the opening show - Carnival Of Mirrors, don't be distressed, we are doing it again on Saturday 24th October with some slight changes to the lineup. This show was directed by Zahra Ethaniel and features dance entertainment acts in the Carnival theme, including a jaw-dropping group routine that depicts the transient glamour that is carnival life.

You can find photos from Camp Roguery Opening Night on Aerlon's Flickr page or on Facebook at the GB@Burn2 photo album attached to the Guerilla Burlesque profile page

ETA: Monavie Voigt took some photos from Carnival of Mirrors and published them in Showtime Magazine.

Monday, April 13, 2015

After Dark on Idle Rogue - it's happening

photo by chryblnd Scribe
The big announcement today on chryblnd Scribe's blog was that two of live entertainment's favourite venues - Idle Rogue and After Dark - are coming together to form a new community based around their merged interests and styles. That's us!

Both entities will continue to function much as they have, catering to their specific audiences as they have always done, but there are plans to add in new events and expand others. "We think After Dark on Idle Rogue can be the leading live entertainment sim in Second Life," chry says.

" After Dark run a stylish and cool live music venue, where the attention to detail is perfect. They treat their musicians well, establishing productive relationships, nurturing their talent and promoting their endeavours. They treat the fans well, providing a warm and inclusive atmosphere in which to enjoy performances. So for Idle Rogue, this means we get live music run by people who care at the same high standard we do, " Scribe tells her blog audience. "I am beyond excited, and I hope you guys will make yourselves part of the new and vibrant community that can grow around this fusion of music and dance."

She also announced plans to move the "Mayfair" environment, built by Gloriana Maertens, down to ground level as a home for Arrehn Oberlander's Metaharper Interactive Stages. These stages are a "push-button" interactive experience. Professional dancers have taken some of their best-loved works and made them accessible to everyone. You simply select the act you want to take part in, press the panel, and the entire stage set rezzes. Hop on the poseball and wait for the music to begin. This has been a very popular activity on the sim and is expected to grow as people learn what it does. It is currently housed in the Acuo Theatre, but will be permanently housed and expanded in coming months.

photo by Imrhien Fargis
"What we are doing on Idle Rogue - with the generous help of Meegan Danitz and Arrehn Oberlander - is consolidating the resources of three separate entities. While the Metaharpers are a separate and very well-defined group, with their own set of interests, many of them are an integral and valued part of the Idle Rogue ecosystem. We hope the same will prove true for the After Dark community," Chryblnd Scribe says, noting that the Metaharpers intend to maintain their current grid presence. "We think exciting times are ahead, as we build a strong and really dynamic sim that benefits everyone attached to it."

After Dark will start operating from Idle Rogue as of April 20th.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Bookings are open for Le Cirque de Nuit

Gamma Infinity and Shesa Quandry in costume for their roles
in Idle Rogue Productions Le Cirque de Nuit

This year's season of Le Cirque de Nuit is shaping up to be every bit as exciting as last year's phenomenon, with new acts and new stars joining the best of  the 2014 season to take the show forward.

Here's what you need to know:
  • You must be a member of Guerilla Burlesque Exclusive (inworld group) to book
  • Only 20 seats are reserved at each performance (the other 20 are held for the public)
  • You must book your preferred show before March 27
  • You may only book for one performance
  • You must be on the sim before 6:30pm on the night of your booking. At 6:30 the gates open to the public and your seat will be returned to the public allocation
  • There are no seat numbers. You will only be able to arrive at the sim if you have booked
Friday April 3rd at 7pm
Saturday April 4th at 2pm
Saturday April 4th at 2pm
Sunday April 5th at 7pm

These four performances are the ONLY scheduled performances of Le Cirque de Nuit for 2015, however we are hoping you will all enjoy it so much it will return in 2016 and begin to establish as a Second Life tradition.

Le Cirque de Nuit pays homage to Erin Morgenstern's novel, The Night Circus. We present a black and white steampunk circus in Gloriana Maertens Big Top environment above Idle Rogue. The show was wildly popular in 2014 and features cutting edge, immersive performances from some of Second Life's finest entertainers.

Reviews from the 2014 Season:

Contact the delightful Franney Resident before midnight on March 27th to make sure you get a seat at this premier dance entertainment event.

Le Cirque de Nuit is an Idle Rogue Production.

Media enquiries: Aubreya Joszpe
Production Enquiries: chryblnd Scribe

Monday, February 16, 2015

New Season of Guerilla Burlesque starts March 6

We have a new schedule for the first season of Guerilla Burlesque for 2015, and it features some amazing dancers. Old faces and new adorn this schedule, which will commence on March 6th, running through to May 15th, and will include a run of performances by Le Cirque de Nuit across the first weekend in April.

We are delighted to welcome Gloriana Maertens back to the stage, after an extended break building the most beautiful stage sets on the grid. Empyrean Forge's Master Blacksmith Rahpture returns to the stage, as well as steampunk maven Kait Tomorrow.

We are debuting two new dancers this season - Anashara, whose memorable performance as Stella Mayfair marked her baptism-by-fire, and the very popular Franny, who promises to inject some badass rock into the roster.

Last season's stellar debutantes, Imrhien Fargis, Maeve Branner and Tray Porthos have graduated into accomplished soloists and join the impressive and much loved ongoing cast - Aubreya, Azabella, Blaze, Chewie, Deb, Gamma, Jess, Meegan, Oods, Shadow, Sho, Thea and Zahra are all signed on for another whirl, and Cyllene Dembo has finally committed to a brace of dates as a regular dancer.

We look forward to welcoming Chandra Meehan back as a guest performer, and promise intriguing things from DoraMaar, whose smoking hot work with Winds of The Sahara brought her to our attention. And finally, the legendary Madison Pinelli has agreed to stay up late with us just one time, and we promise you will adore this true superstar at her work.

We also welcome the intriguing Lindy Hopper to the Guerilla Burlesque corps and look forward to watching her reignite her formidable talents. Guerilla Burlesque Corps provide a very necessary substance to our work, and we love them dearly.

Now the only thing missing is you, our dedicated audience, who patiently arrive early and stay late to share the fun with us, and who always make us feel like we made something good happen. We can't wait to see you in March, we've missed you!

Other cool things:
The Metaharpers Interactive Gallery on Idle Rogue allows you to rez stage sets from our well-known dance routines and participate in them as the dancer. Call into the Acuo Theatre and look for the signboard at stage right. Click on the graphic for the act that interests you and watch as the stage set rezzes. Then sit on the prim, allow a few seconds to cache your animations, and the magic begins.  Jo Balogh has a couple of photos here and there are a few from our launch party here, but the most fun is trying it, and make sure to send us a copy if you get some good photos!

Don't forget, voting is open for the AviChoice awards, and Guerilla Burlesque is nominated. Only one vote per ISP, but if you haven't yet cast yours, drop by and have your say, this is a rare opportunity for dancers, entertainers and artists to gauge their popularity.

And auditions for this year's season of Le Cirque de Nuit are shaping up to be very exciting - if you haven't put your name down to audition yet, what are you waiting for? Details are here, on this very blog! Run away and join the Circus!

Friday, February 6, 2015


Idle Rogue and Guerilla Burlesque, as wholly owned by chryblnd Scribe, are not in any way involved in any business or other dealings with GString Strom, Spirit Starbrook or Nance Brody. If you are approached by them with regard to any venture in which the names Guerilla Burlesque, Idle Rogue, chryblnd Scribe or persons acting on behalf of any Idle Rogue Productions entities or staff, are offered as a benefit or inducement, please disregard the offer as it is false.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Auditions announced for "Cirque" in 2015

Idle Rogue Productions
Le Cirque de Nuit
2015 Auditions

Idle Rogue Productions are performing the very successful Le Cirque de Nuit this Easter, with performances at 7pm on April 3rd, 4th and 5th and a matinee performance at 2pm on April 4th.

These will be the only performances of Le Cirque de Nuit in 2015, however it is envisaged that the production will be scheduled each year as long as it remains fresh and successful.

We are seeking new acts to add to our roster of performers for the 2015 season, and will be holding auditions during the last week of February. Please read the following information about preparing your audition for Le Cirque de Nuit.

Time Requirements:
You must prepare a circus, steampunk or exotically-themed act that would fit into the existing production
Auditions:                   Week ending 27th February, 2015
Rehearsals:                  20th March
27th March
2nd April
Performances:             3rd April at 7pm
4th April at 2pm and at 7pm
5th April at 7pm

Idle Rogue Productions uses scripted camera technology by Arrehn Oberlander, and successful auditions will need to allow additional time for your cinematography to be completed; these sessions generally take a couple of hours.

Please note that not all acts will appear in all shows.

Act Requirements:
You are required to create an original dance-based act to be performed in real time at performances as outlined above.
Your act must be magical, circus or exotic dance based, with a steampunk theme. We will be looking for a variety of acts, particularly circus acts such as acrobatics, tightrope, trained animals and similar. Illusionists, acrobats, clowns and tarot performers who can stay in character should consider applying.
Your costume and set must be in monochromatic tones - black, grey cream and white, no other colours are permitted, except for skin and hair.
Your set must employ the Metaharper Show Tools as supplied by Idle Rogue Productions, so you must ensure that each component, all prims, scripts and textures have modify and copy permissions.

Your act must be able to stand alone among those previously presented. We strongly suggest you pay attention to the following:

  •  Tight, realistic choreography with smooth transitions between animations
  • Well-made builds and costumes with baked textures on all visible surfaces 
  •   High quality avatar, high resolution skins and well-made hair and clothing
  • We are playing at the elite level of a high-end game. You are expected to have computer equipment sufficient to the task

Le Cirque de Nuit is a loose homage to Erin Morgenstern's book, The Night Circus. It is not necessary to have read the book to take part in the show, as we will not be recreating the story. The novel is set in the Victorian era, and we have substituted “steampunk” for “Victorian”.
For practical purposes, consider steampunk to be applying an olde-worlde style to modern concepts, as opposed to Victoriana being old stuff that looks old J.
As an example, if you can take the ingenuity of Le Cirque de Soleil and make it look steampunk, THAT is the act we want.

For those seeking a better definition of steampunk, please see this link, and be aware that the subject is covered extensively on the internet:

Music Resources:
Your act should be set to “steampunk” music. We know this is not an easy genre to define and especially to source material. Some genres you might find helpful are punk cabaret, glitch hop, electroswing, trip-hop and folk-noir.
Playlist – steampunk - please note these tracks are NOT your suggested music, they are a point at which to start searching, for those who are not familiar with the previous production or the genre
and the playlist of music already used in the production is here:
You may not use a song that is already in the production, and you should avoid using the same artists as have been previously used.

Visual Resources:
collected machinima of the production in 2014 can be viewed here:

Learn more about The Night Circus on Tumblr and on Pinterest.


Production Requirements:
Payment: you will be paid a share of all tips collected during your performance. Idle Rogue Productions divides every tip between cast and crew. Tips paid privately to you are yours to keep
Publicity: You are asked to make yourself available for publicity opportunities that may arise during pre-production, production and performance. This can include photo shoots, media events, social media sharing, interviews in addition to interactions with the audience, prior to, during and after the show.
Essential: Sets must be completely mod/copy permissions and you must be willing to learn how to use the Metaharper Show Tools to prepare your act for performance
You must be willing to join inworld groups “Idle Rogue” and “Production Team – Idle Rogue”
Ability to accept constructive criticism and to workshop improvements
Be scrupulous about honouring your commitments
Desirable: Facebook profile to join “Le Cirque de Nuit Production Crew”
Google email address and access to google calendar

Nominating for an audition:
Please create a notecard and name it -
Cirque 2015 Auditions [your avatar name]
Inside the card please nominate two times from the following list to audition:
Friday 27th February:

                2:00pm                                                                 5:00pm
                2:30pm                                                                 5:30pm
                3:00pm                                                                 6:00pm
                3:30pm                                                                 6:30pm
                4:00pm                                                                 7:00pm
                4:30pm                                                                 7:30pm

Please also include the name of the song you will perform in the notecard. Additionally, please email the music you will require for your audition to . Both your nomination for audition and your music should arrive by 2pm on February 25th, and your audition time will be confirmed by 2pm on February 26th.
Auditions will be held in front of a panel from the show’s production team. You should not expect feedback from members of the audition panel, and will be advised affirmative or negative by March 2nd.