Thursday, September 16, 2010

Teaser: the new Idle Rogue

Okay, let's be honest here: I don't wanna change a thing. But I must. So here's a preview of the new build. If you fancy a looksee, IM me and I will haul you up.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Due to the unexpected and overwhelming response to the idea of Idle Rogue closing, I have made some adjustments, and we will continue to operate on a smaller scale.

I feel I must publicly and gratefully ackowledge the support you have all shown. Considerable amounts of money have been delivered to me, please know that I am holding these funds and considering the best way to use them for the benefit of Idle Rogue. The emotional support is something that cannot be measured and is held very dear. Thank you all.

Please read such information as is useful to you from the following:

What is Idle Rogue now?

Idle Rogue was established, and was always intended, as a community, centered around a place. It's focus has been music, nurture, and creativity, because those are the things I value.

I have said, repeatedly, there will always be an Idle Rogue. It will, as of the 19th of September, look different. It's operations will be scaled back somewhat, but it's potential remains the same.

.:: The things that have always happened at Idle Rogue will still happen::.
.:: The avatars who consider Idle Rogue to be their home will still have a home ::.
.:: The money and energy that goes comes to Idle Rogue will still be invested in Idle Rogue::.

What will it look like now?
From September 19th, Idle Rogue will be on a smaller parcel, and will still be part of the Viva La Glam sim.

Plans for the build, at the moment, are:

.:: A live music venue on the ground. This build has phantom walls, which will block out problems created by draw distance while still allowing avatars to walk in. The live music venue will include our new stage, which many of you have seen previewed over the last week.

.:: A hangout venue in the sky. This is a 50m x 50m box. Half will be my home and office, the other half houses a dancefloor, dj booth, lounges and a balcony. If prims allow, I may put a garden in too.

.:: A builder platform in the sky

Live music at Idle Rogue
Some of my favourite musicians have been very generous about offering their time to Idle Rogue on a continuing basis.

JordanReyne Deezul, Bowie Bravin, [engrama], kloose Fretwerk and EAR Oh will continue to play regular sets at Idle Rogue. Other artists may occasionally drop by because they enjoy your company. I would ask you, where possible, to support them and thank them, either by attendance or tips.

In all cases, tips should go to the performer in preference to the venue. Any tips that ARE directed to the venue will be collected in my alt's account, and when there are enough to pay for an event, we will have one :-)

Djs, Builders and Nomads
Where possible, I will try to continue operations at Idle Rogue as they have always been.

DJs - those who wish to continue to stream to Idle Rogue may do so. The rules that applied previously will still apply - be respectful of others, support your team members when you can, welcome anyone passing through, let me know if you are using the stream or the venue.

Builders - there will still be a platform on Idle Rogue for the use of content creators. Our prim limit will be half what it was, however, and you need to be mindful of this when planning a project. Persons wishing to build on Idle Rogue will still need a specific group tag and should IM me about that.

New Resident Assistance - this project, to my great sadness, will have to cease. However, new residents visit Viva La Glam every day. Please make them welcome, or refer them to me if you cannot. The 30 day rule, for the fanged, still applies.

Swirly Disco Flames Gallery - I am also saddened to announce that we will not be able to house the Swirly Disco Flames Gallery. Marnix Malifozik is a dear friend and a clever artist, and I very much regret losing his contribution to our environment.

The Beautiful Freaks and Guerilla Burlesque

As has been previously advised, The Beautiful Freaks Burlesque Circus has been absorbed into the Virtual Burlesque pool. Slappy Doobie will be contacting performers and audiences about those operations. I would like my Freaks to know that you still have the support of the Idle Rogue group, and of myself personally. Please contact me if there is anything I can do for you, at all.

The Guerilla Burlesque project is, at this stage, simply a game amongst friends. Because there is, now, an official Beautiful Freaks group, the tag has been changed, within the Idle Rogue group, to Guerilla Burlesque. It is very possible Guerilla Burlesque will get up to something, some time. But you will know all about that, if and when it happens.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Idle Rogue closes September 19

Idle Rogue will close on September 19. I know how much you all hate to read anything, so I have broken the news down in case you wish to know more.

I wish to be completely clear, and avoid any speculation: Idle Rogue is closing because I can no longer sustain it. The lesson is - if you like a place, support it.

What do I need to do?

If you have prims on Idle Rogue, please pick them up.They will be returned to your inventory on September19.

I will keep the name and the group Idle Rogue because I intend to use it again some day.The decision to stayor leave the group is yours, but I do not intend to issue any information for some time after September 19.This also applies to the subscription group.

The people who deserve to be thanked:

There are people who have consistently supported Idle Rogue in practical ways, and I would like to publicly acknowledge them: Jewellah Magic, Knowledge Tomorrow, Slappy Doobie begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting, Else Barnard begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting, JordanReyne Deezul and Tilly Theas.

I would also like to thank the following performers, who gave freely of their time to Idle Rogue: Bowie Bravin, EAR Oh, Nohj Martinek, KC Copperfield, [engrama], Loreen Aldrin, and kloose Fretwerk.

In addition, I would like to thank the performers who have graced our stage, the DJs who shared their love of music with us, and of course, my Beautiful Freaks.

What Next:

I have also retired from professional dancing, and for the same reason. In a tips-based world, the audience is the umpire, and I am happy to accept the decision. I am not someone who can simply sit around in SL soaking up the entertainment other people have paid for, so I expect there will be new plans sometime - but not soon.There will always be an Idle Rogue. But for the next chapter, it will simply be a home.