Thursday, November 25, 2010

POL Arida covered at Idle Rogue - Sunday November 28th at 11am

COVERED is a concert event celebrating a single songwriter who performs in secondlife. Idle Rogue is delighted to present this three hour homage to the work of alternative legend POL Arida.

Performers also contribute one of their own original songs, making this event an excellent showcase of live original music in SL.

The schedule of contributing performers and their song choices is:

11:00 Brief Encounter - Lexie Luan and Zorch Boomhauer
11:10 Jane Goes - Nya Raymaker accompanied by Zorch
11:15 One and one original - Hazideon Zarco
11:30 Deathbed Lovesong and one original - CraigLyons Writer
11:45 Mother of Three - Lexie Luan
12:00 Get Out of Here and a surprise POL song - Deadeye Foggarty
12:15 Happy Go Lucky Girl and Love Confessions of a Serial Killer - Zorch Boomhauer
12:30 Welcome to Winter and one original - Grace McDunnough
12: 45 Catch the Wind and one original - Blindboy Gumbo
1:00 Winning and one original - Phemie Alcott
1:15 Passion and one original - strum Diesel

This will be followed by a performance from the great POL himself.
Hear POL Arida's works at