Thursday, June 21, 2012

More great live music this weekend

At midnight the team from Guerilla Burlesque opens proceedings with their high-energy dance revue. This week featuring performances from beloved stars Jewellah Magic, Chewie Quixote, SexyS Quintessa, Kiriam MacIntyre, Sho Kyong, and Chucci BigBear, doors open from 11:45pm to allow you to met with friends, find your seat and enjoy the ambience of a live stage show.

At 1am, delightful Lisa Brune returns to Idle Rogue. The dizzying combination of her rich voice, alternative classics and a stunning avatar proved incredibly popular at her first outing on the IR stage, and we look forward to more from this fabulously cool performer

At 2am Idle Rogue favourite, Jordan Reyne, joins us for a performance that melds folk noir, powerful alto vocals and industrial found sound with an accoustic and loop musicality that is unique and original. Jordan Reyne is a premier performer whose recorded works are award-nominated and whose real life resume includes the legendary Glastonbury Festival.

At 3am Kristopher Walpole returns to Idle Rogue after an absence of some months. Kris's original music is the stuff of classic indie ballads - wistful themes, clever guitar and a voice that reminds you of a Saturday morning comedown. It's glorious alt yearning and the perfect finish to an amazing evening at Idle Rogue

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Live Music at Idle Rogue hits every mark

The power combination of pairing Guerilla Burlesque shows with live performances from the best musicians on the grid has so far proven to be very satisfying.

After a series of unfortunate events, we had taken a short break from staging live music performances. Make no mistake, running live music can be an exhausting and expensive pursuit. Hosting a live music event is hard work, and it starts long before the performer takes the stage. I think most venue owners will agree with me when I say that even when the performance finally starts, as host, you're still too busy fielding enquiries to enjoy it. Be sweet to the venues who bring you live music - they've earned your love.

With that off my chest, I would personally like to rave a little about the talent we have been privileged to enjoy so far. In May we heard the work of the ethereal Lisa Cuthbert, shit-hot (Jordan's words, not mine) shredder Anek Fuchs, and the delicious Lisa Brune. We've had performances from our favourite activist Pol Arida and of course, it is not Idle Rogue without the astonishing Jordan Reyne. All of these artists have been re-booked through June and July, in addition to the scheduled reappearance of Kristopher Walpole and some new performers you haven't fallen in love with yet. Keep your eyes peeled for the RL - SL mega-concert featuring some of London's finest live musicians on one bill.

I'd also like to thank the Idle Rogues who support this love of mine. Zelana Shippe, Jewellah Magic and Knowledge Tomorrow are responsible in a very large (and practical) way for bringing the music back to Idle Rogue, but I'd also like to thank those little birdies like Cinnamon Raymaker and Perky Baxton who got in my ear and encouraged me to think we could do more, and do it better.