Monday, July 19, 2010

Liquid Light at Swirly Disco Flames

A newly released collection can be found at Swirly Disco Flames.

It's a little different to my usual stuff, so feedback gratefully received :)

I do hope I am allowed to post this sort of thing on here. Chry gave me access, so I guess she knew what she was doing.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Firstly i would like to introduce myself and tell you a little about my past few mths in this strange place they call Second Life.

I came into this world on december 23rd 2009, i had no idea what to expect or what i was doing but i did know i was just going to be me.
I was lucky enough though to start the day after my RL partner Budley Stoanes who took me over to the Australian sim where i was introduced to Tilly Theas and some other great people there. Tilly then took me over to meet Chryblnd Scribe of Idle Rogue, she was so nice and friendly they took me in and i lived in one of the 5 week rent free apartments they have for n00bs.
Most people find their niche or something in SL and move on but always come back to visit, i found mine it was Idle Rogue, it was helping the new n00bs who come through with finding freebies and making them feel like family as Chry, Tilly, Slappy and all the IR crew made me feel. Chry has done so much for me and she has been one of the people i have come to class as a great friend and mentor, if it wasn't for her i wouldn't be were i am today.

Which brings me to how i got here today writing this little note of mine...

Chry offered me not only a job as a burlesque dancer in the circus (which by the way i jump at the chance) she also noticed somthing in me with the way i spoke to and understood the new people so she offered me the role of n00b liasion. That made me feel so happy that she trusted me enough to give me what i class as an important role within Idle Rogue.

So being a great Noob Liasion i needed to find ll things free and lot's of them, SL shopping took over and i found a whole bunch of free stuff, some good and some bad. I have collected Landmarks and notecards for everything from hair, shoes, clothes to Furniture, party decorations and even what groups to join to get free gifts.

So today i would just like to mention a couple of freebie places for men and women for Clothes, skins etc.

The Free Dove - you can get some nice stuff from here.... clothing, skin, shapes, shoes, hair etc

Hyles Region- have everything set out so you can go from shop to shop finding shoes, clothes, AO's etc

The Fabulous Free group and Headquarters - also a good way to get great gifts from top designers and the group chat is great with a great bunch of people.

Some free Animation overrides can be found at:
Adi cat Designs
Bright Corporation

Analog Dog- My favourite hair is from Analog dog they have 5 free hairs in a glowing ball on the beach.
Fujiyama Geisha & Samurai - nice japanese inspired hair.
Saviour hair- All hairs here are supplied by well known designers and all are either free or $1L.

Icing (found in the far corner of the store)
Lunas Boutique (found upstairs)
CCD- Caithlin Carter Designs - have free avitar kits for ppl 30 days and under

Next time i will add some pics and the best groups to join.

untill then stay safe and remember SHOP LOT'S AND SHOP HARD