Sunday, October 27, 2013

It's Halloween!

Still scraping the playa dust from our parched skins, Guerilla Burlesque head back to their home in the Acuo Theatre on Idle Rogue just in time for our favourite season - Halloween.

Because of our commitment to Burn2 this year, we limited the number of Guerilla Burlesque shows to just the one at midnight just as Halloween starts (31st October). There have been a few sallies, including stellar work from SexyS, Shippy and new dancer Deb Heron.

But the big show will be on Thursday, and we hope you can stay up late enough to come and see us.

Don't forget, too, the parcel gets a little makeover for Halloween. Last year we loved the build so much we kept it, but this year we're featuring a simple but elegant graveyard for you to romp around.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Burn 2 Roguery is alight!

Idle Rogue's base at the virtual Burning Man Festival (Burn 2) opens tonight with a concert from live rock and blues performer Tukso Okey at midnight. The festival runs from noon on October 19th til midnight on October 27th.

Throughout the week we will have dance shows, DJs and the cream of live music performing as our gift to Burn2.

Photographs and Art from Idle Rogues will also be displayed, including the Shippy Creations designed observation tower, providing the very best view of the remarkable Burn 2 sims.

Idle Rogues can and should use the camp as their home on the Playa, but all are welcome to drop by, tune in, and start a little burn for your soul.

IM chryblnd Scribe for a schedule of events, which will include performances from Darkshore, Jordan Reyne, Mulder Watts, Pol Arida, DeepSky Timeless and the divas of Guerilla Burlesque.