Thursday, November 12, 2015

NIN Tribute performance on Friday night + a great gift as we gain our thousandth Rogue!

Seven Birthdays for Idle Rogue
Tallyesin sings "Wicked Game" on The Falls Stage at Idle Rogue

The Idle Rogue group turned seven on November 6th. Thanks to those who rocked up to watch Tallyesin and Saintess perform. We're just delighted to have both artists back on our stage, and they are returning every second week between now and December, extending the live music excellence of After Dark on Idle Rogue and returning us to providing premium entertainment in the swingshift.

Nine Inch Nails Tribute Concert - Friday 8pm
High Voltage Entertainment and Idle Rogue productions present NINE INCH NAILS in tribute this Friday night from 8pm. HVE plan and stage meticulous concert events, recreating special effects and personalities to bring you a legitimately immersive concert in your Second Life.

Friday's event recreates the work of industrial rock icons Nine Inch Nails, whose visually mesmerising live concerts are legendary across the world. The music pumps and the HVE crew give some of the best party you will find on the grid.
As usual there will be linden dollar prizes for your best industrial look, and chry will DJ afterwards for those who want to stay on.  

1000 Rogues

Membership of the Idle Rogue group currently stand at 956, so we thought we'd prepare a celebratory gift for our group members as we cross into that magic zone. Our friends at Empyrean Forge put great thought into how best to capture the spirit of the Idle Rogues, an eclectic and charismatic group who shine wherever they appear. Their beautiful necklace gift will be available as soon as we gain our 1000th member, so start sending those invites, you know this thing we got is too good not to share x

In recognition of who we are now, we've changed the group description. It now reads
"Renegade, capable, rebellious and bold. We like making things pretty, and we like making pretty things"

It's hard to express how gratifying it is to be part of Idle Rogue, to be part of this dynamic group and to be included amongst it's glamorous and witty members. As the events roll on, and we look forward to another chance to play with you and for you in our beautiful virtual world, I am humbled by the trust this group puts in me. I genuinely, truly, hope your time with us is the time of your SLife, and that even if it's not, you feel welcomed and valued at Idle Rogue. Everything we do, we do with you in mind. Thank you for staying with us!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

It's our 7th Birthday!

On November 6th, 2008, the Idle Rogue group was established to secure lease of a parcel on mainland Yeonghuengdo and provide a hangout for builders and creatives with an alternative stance. By February 2009 we were hosting our own major events and had become a recognised force in virtual worlds entertainment. In 2012 we moved to our own sim and, operating as Idle Rogue Productions, we formed Guerilla Burlesque (SL).
Across the years, Idle Rogue has hosted the best musicians performing in Second Life. We have produced music and dance entertainment events, live concerts and themed parties. We strive, at all times, to provide the kind of entertainment we would, ourselves enjoy. And so it is that every Idle Rogue is integral to the success of Idle Rogue.
I would personally like to thank every Rogue who has dwelt with us, and every traveller who saw what we were doing and wanted to spend a little time with us. Without you, we could not have grown into the force we are today. You shape us by the way you interact with us.
It is my great pleasure to announce that we will return to running live music in the very early hours of Friday mornings, as we did for many years, and in addition to the smokey pleasures of our stablemates at After Dark SL
So it's our birthday. And we have some great live music lined up. Join us at The Falls Stage on Friday night to celebrate with us!
At 1am - The Last Idle Rogue, chryblnd Scribe plays alt/indie/wtf-ery to kick start proceedings.
At 2am -Tallyesin is a Welsh singer-guitarist whose affable charm does not prepare you for such formidable talent. With a polished and classy style, Tally presents mainstream and alternative ballads and he's just. so. good. If your live music experience has been a little disappointing at this time of night - meet the remedy.
At 3am - SaintessLarnia's sultry vocals and sharp songwriting make for a quality entertainment event we have been proud to present at Idle Rogue for many years. Saintess is an Idle Rogue favourite because she's engaging and thoroughly contemporary in style. Her covers come from favourite alternative acts, and her own songs are on point, witty and well put together.
Join as we return to presenting the best of live music in our time zone, and celebrate our 7th birthday Rogue style.