Sunday, November 25, 2012

Chewie Quixote - Dreamweaver

Chewie Quixote has filmed her interpretation of Gary Wrights 70s classic "Dreamweaver", the act Chewie performed last friday night for Guerilla Burlesque. This is the act almost exactly as we saw it in the show, with Chewie's perfectly controlled choreography, a beautiful costume and a stage set that transforms in front of your eyes.

Guerilla Burlesque performs this kind of act every friday night on Idle Rogue at midnight.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Art Walk on Idle Rogue


Idle Rogue's
                                           November 4th- November 25th 2012

Spend a little time walking through the cherry trees at Idle Rogue. Head east from the water stage and enjoy the pretty surroundings and the work of our three featured artists. You can purchase any of the works by right-clicking and paying the easel vendors.

Musical guests throughout the month will include JordanReyne Deezul, Rara Destiny, POL Arida, Saintess Larnia and Lisa Brune, performing on The Falls stage on Fridays throughout the month

Featured Artist: Chewie Quixote                

Chewie Quixote has been involved in the Virtual music and dance scene for over two years.

Chewie is one of the star performers of Guerilla Burlesque and started taking photographs ( screen captures ) as a history of the troupe's activities as well as a visual record of the acts that have been performed. Chewie was inspired to improve the quality of her work by the works of Lingual Markus, Senjata Witt and Graham Collinson. Her work has received quiet praise from mentors and fans alike.

In addition to her work as an interpretive dancer and a photographer, Chewie is also gaining a solid reputation as a machinimatographer.

Chewie's works can be found at DeviantArt, KoinUp and YouTube

Featured Artist: Kavisha Quan

"My humble contribution to the art world on second life began as soon as I found out I could take snapshots. 
I wanted to make pictures that were more than the usual family snaps, or the often-seen romantic shots.
The beauty of buildings, the beings and the environment.
In this series of pictures I have taken pictures from outside of Second Life.  These are from the visually stunning but sombre game of Esther, with a favorite thrown in for all you Guild Wars fans.
You see in my work combinations of these things, visual beauty, architecture and the solitude of gaming in a social world.
The angle is the thing... my eye loves what it sees.

Featured Artist: Autumn Teardrop

"I've been taking photographs in SL for a while now, because I love catching those beautiful moments and people that I see. I feel my strengths are in spur-of-the-moment shots, especially at live events or social gatherings. I've never done anything even remotely visual in RL, so it's a nice escape, I get to do something different. :)

I do not currently take wedding shots or arranged live events, sorry, my RL makes it a bit difficult to commit to specific times, as is being in a weird time zone (New Zealand). But if I'm present at something, I'll generally be busy taking random shotsof people and things (and handing them out if they're any good).

I've got a little gallery where you can see some of my work. Feel free to drop in and have a look some time."

 Scheduled Events:

We had scheduled an opening event featuring musical performances by Rara Destiny and Jordan Reyne, but Linden Lab had other ideas for that night. Since we have scheduled concerts  for the Art Walk Stage throughout November, we figured we'd just march on. Come along to any of the friday morning concerts and enjoy some of the best live performances in Second Life while you soak up the Art Walk Atmosphere.

Friday November 16th                                         Friday November 23rd 
2am - Saintess Larnia                                           2am - Lisa Brune
3am - Jordan Reyne                                             3am Jordan Reyne