Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Perky Baxton, Serge and Chewie Quixote, Giving Us What We Want

Guerilla Burlesque's Perky Baxton might be new to the burly game, but she brings an almost visionary talent. A natural vixen, Perky's choreography is red hot and on point every time. Her acts to date have been stylish and clever, with the natural flair that turns a show into entertainment.

We are also lucky to have the talents of budding machinimatographer (and dancer) Chewie Quixote in our Guerilla arsenal, with the happy result that you get to see one of the finest presentations of Guerilla Burlesque's first year.

Set to Bitter:Sweet's I Get What I Want, Perky's act features the boys of Idle Rogue in all their sexy glory. Choreographed by another prodigy, Serge82 Resident, dancers Mathew Leider, Shippy Creations, Esoteric Jigsaw, Mercutio Evanier and Diego DelMaro form a suave chorus line and induce more than a few swoons themselves, while Perky struts and flutters like a diva born.

We look forward to presenting more from both Perky and Serge in the near future.

Guerilla Burlesque performs a live dance revue each friday at midnight on Idle Rogue

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Be our Valentine?

This weekend Guerilla Burlesque will perform as part of Netera Landar's Chat at 4pm on Saturday February 11th, and Netera will interview chry and Curt. This is a rare opportunity to bring your friends who normally can't attend the midnight show, as we will be performing three of our best loved acts and the interview is sure to give you an intimate glimpse into the team behind this well-loved revue.

Sho Kyong has been learning SL Photogrpahy, and who better, with her latte skin and diamond eyes, to give you something tempting to think about for Valentine's Day? Happy Valentine's to our friends and fans, may Cupid's arrow hit you exactly where it can have maximum impact and leave minimal scarring
chry xxx