Monday, August 27, 2012

Mr Timeless & The Pale Hypnotic - Sunday, September 2

 Mr Timeless & The Pale Hypnotic is the current stance for an ongoing project from DeepSky Timeless. Idle Rogue has produced several shows with Mr Timeless and Guerilla Burlesque now, weaving together his Wonderbot concept with music from his excellent solo album of the same name.

Wonderbot follows a nameless hero in the distant, post-human future. Mutants worship talk radio broadcasts from years past, cyborgs live in a Utopian community where Area 51 one stood, and the mysterious Wonderbot waits for the nameless adventurer.

This Sunday's production is the most truly collaborative and inclusive from the Idle Rogue team. Chewie Quixote's set design reaches into the Pale Hypnotic's chaotic heart and is lit with rockstar love by Shippy Creations. A hand-picked team of dancers are put through their paces by choreographer Diawa Bellic, who has been working with Mr Timeless for many years. 

*SK Designs* Sho Kyong has put together a post-apocalyptic glamour for the dancers, featuring a limited edition dress with that special burlesque touch, a combination of creepy and sexy you can only get at an Idle Rogue production.

Join us for the journey at Idle Rogue on Sunday September 2, 2012, at 7pm. Audience members are encouraged to dress in cyber/steampunk ... and pack light, in case you need to run :-).