Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Idle Rogue 2011 - a slideshow

This was much more fun when it had music, which was about two seconds before I realised that having music would cost money. Ah well. Put a good tune on and enjoy :-)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Alex Mays joins Idle Rogue Christmas Festival!

New sensation Alex Mays has just signed up for an Idle Rogue Christmas, and we are excited to announce this blues and southern rock spscialist as part of the lineup. Alex is on stage at 11pm, meaning we're now starting on December 23rd \o/
Help! I don't speak clock!

Friday, November 25, 2011

An Idle Rogue Christmas

This year's big holiday event is now booking, with the first acts announced today and more to come.

Save the date! From midnight on friday night, we have some of the best and freshest live performers on the grid:

12am - Jordan Reyne - the siren of steampunk, Jordan is nothing if not a rogue, and her rich alto voice and folk noir tales are a well-known highlight of Idle Rogue's live music.
1am - Hazideon Zarco - One of Idle Rogue's oldest and most reliable friends, Hazideon Zarco's strong vocals and distinctive guitar style are a feature of his original alternative rock
2am - Tallyesin - The fresh new talent audiences are raving about, Tallyesin is in posession of a highly polished gift and a refreshing attitude
3am - Pol Arida - Idle Rogue's long loose association with Pol Arida is based purely on our utter adoration of a performer whose unique musicality and razored lyrics is one of the highlights of live music in SL
4am - Kristopher Walpole - another fresh talent who joined the Idle Rogue stable late this year, Kristopher Walpole's lush lyrics and melodic guitar are both lovely and wistful, in a performance that is delightful every time.

We are delighted to be presenting some of our favourite artists of 2011 in one concert event, and look forward to kickstarting a fabulous festive season with you at Idle Rogue!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

²Music - the virtual benefit concert for ]PIAS] UK opens at 9am today

From 9am Saturday, September 24th (SLT), we begin - ²Music: the virtual benefit concert for [PIAS] UK. Twelve hours of mixed media/mixed reality, as musicians from first and second life come together for a festival in support of their peers. Featuring film, interview and performance from cutting-edge entertainers, this is a not-to-be-missed collaboration between two realms.
Majikal link to open Second Life and whisk you off to Idle Rogue

Friday, September 23, 2011

²Music - the virtual benefit concert for [PIAS] UK. This Saturday, September 24th, from 9am SLT

The inventory of countless independent musicians and record labels was destroyed last month when rioters burned music distributor [PIAS]'s warehouse to the ground. ²Music is a multimedia music event, in association with Label Love, to raise funds for independent musicians and labels affected by the [PIAS] warehouse fire. Come out to see  top inworld and outworld talent in live performances, video screenings, and interactive Q&A sessions!

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

GBevin has been performing solo shows in SL for a couple of months, and today, for the benefit of [PIAS] and Label Love, he brings his band Flytecase into world to perform for the first time. This is a full band, guitars, drums, vocals and keys. Alternative pop-rock songs with intertwining vocal melodies that are elevated by gut-felt music. It radiates energy and emotion, even during the softer parts
10am    iconAclass
MC of renowned experimental "wall of sound" hip-hop crew Dalek, veteran rapper Will Brooks' gritty new solo project IconAclass is already being hailed for an uncompromising lyrical approach similar to classic Public Enemy. Will joins us inworld for the debut of heavy new IconAclass vid, “Long Haul”. Stick around for the post-vid Q&A with the most determined underground artist around!
IconAclass gets his avatar on

11am    Neotropic
Acclaimed Ninja Tune alumna and electronic innovator, Neotropic (aka Riz Maslen), premieres four of her experimental films featuring music from her most recent release, Equestrienne Remixes. Join Riz for her first inworld appearance, experience the films, and ask questions during her artist’s talk after the show!
Riz Maslen - Neotropic - in first and second life

noon    Slim Warrior 
A pioneer in her own right, SlimGirlFat aka Slim Warrior was the UK’s first performer to go virtual and she has championed Second Life’s live music scene ever since. The international award-winning recording artist/musician/producer returns to spin an eclectic mix of original dance and house sounds with swirls of trance and techno to move you like you didn’t know you could.
2pm    DJ Vadim
A mainstay of the innovative electronic UK-based label Ninja Tune since the beginning, DJ Vadim has played over 2,500 shows in 60 countries over the last 20 years, and worked with artists from Stevie Wonder to The Roots. The esteemed DJ, producer and Latin Grammy nominee invites you to his house party set to support independent music and to help him celebrate the end of another whirlwind tour!
3pm    LizAday Solo
The incomparable LizAday Solo, with her rock diva vocals and her lush musicality, traipses through genres with an eclectic grace. Liz likes to keep a deeply live element to each performance, but is not ashamed to use technology as a tool to enhance a show. Liz's unique twists on popular covers and her broad range of unusual originals are delivered with polish and warmth.
MommaLuv Skytower is an avante garde electronic songstress who uses her voice as a pen & her music as paper creating globally fused artistic musical compositions that invite you into her mind of (a)VANTRONIK (m)AYHEM - for a brief stay. You need only the human condition and the desire. Get to know her original melodic lyrical beds and find your own way
5pm    Solange Simondsen
Beloved indie/electro DJ Solange Simondsen brings you two hours of the very best in independant music. Erudite and elegant, leave it to Solange to illustrate for you just what it is that is so important about nurturing independant music
7pm    Dexter Morph
Dexter Morph is Second Life’s own musical prophet of the Singularity. Open the door to your mind and let Dex’s cyberpsychedelia expand your online consciousness with funkalicious grooves and his “Riki-tik” technique!
Idle Rogue is proud and delighted to be part of this event. We have been working hard to make the musicians who are logging into Second Life for the first time welcome and comfortable. We have been negotiating with some of the most talented and generous SL live performers. we have been on the biggest learning curve, in order to bring you a cutting edge event that utilises both sound and vision to immerse you in your Second Life experience. Above all, it is our hope to provide a space where those committed to supporting the cause of independant music from around the globe can come together.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Masquerade Ball to open new Guerilla Burlesque Theatre

Guerilla Burlesque will be opening a brand new club build on September 9th, and are celebrating with a MASQUERADE BALL. The event will run for two hours, from 11pm, and will feature special acts from all your favourtie divas, as well as prizes and dancing to the tunestyles of Curti5 Rexen.

We would especially like to spend some time with you all, and thank you for the marvellous support you have given us. Guerilla Burlesque is performing to a regular crowd of 40+ avatars every week now, and this is in no small way due to those who have posted about us, shared photographs from the show, and invited their friends to come and see what we do.

The new building was purpose designed to be the showcase venue on Idle Rogue, and as a fitting home for the brilliant and dynamic dance team. Built by ShippyCreations Resident, with the occasional shinkick from me, we hope you will enjoy our fusion of steampunk and industrial elements. The building will be moved into place on the ground at Idle Rogue this week, and you are invited to call by and explore it at your leisure.

Meanwhile ... a masquerade ball! Squeee!

Monday, August 8, 2011

This week on Idle Rogue

:::::Tuesday August 9th
12am - Curti5 Rexen (DJ)
2am - Hazideon Zarco (LIVE)

5pm - DJ Kloose Fretwerk
7pm - The Freak Show - DJ Cboy & his Sexy Sidekick Scarlett

:::::Wednesday August 10th - Zoffee Loring presents

:::::Thursday August 11th
12am - Thursday Theme -Pyjama Party - DJ - Curti5 Rexen

:::::Friday August 12th
1am - Mel Cheeky (LIVE)
2am - JordanReyne Deezul (LIVE)
3am - AdamHoek Resident (LIVE)
4am - DJ Budley Stoanes
6am - DJ - Kobi Vlodovic

7pm - RileyHudsonWolf Resident (LIVE)
8pm - Bowie Bravin (LIVE)
9pm - JimmyT49 Dukes (LIVE)

:::::Saturday August 13th
12am (that's midnight on Friday night) - Guerilla Burlesque

:::::Sunday August 14th
1am - Tukso Okey (LIVE)

You can access our calendar by liking our Facebook page

We will commence classes in Basic Skills for New Residents and Event Hosting next week, with other courses to come. If you would like to attend or teach a course, please IM chryblnd Scribe

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

G.Bevin live video stream into Idle Rogue

G.Bevin is a new performer on the grid and has now done two gigs at Idle Rogue. He will perform weekly on Tuesdays at 4am. Check out his recorded live performance from Tuesday June 28th, or stalk his web presence at:

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rough Giraffe reviews Idle Rogue


Owner: Chryblnd Scribe     Music Format: Alternative

Sunday            1 am – Tukso Okey
Tuesday         12 am – DJ Curti5 Rexen
                        2 am – Hazideon Zarco
                        3 am – Saintess Larnia
Thursday        12 am – Theme night with DJ Curti5 Rexen
Friday              1 am – Nohj Martinek
                        2 am – Mel Cheeky
                        8 pm – Bowie Bravin
                        9 pm – JimmyT49 Dukes
Saturday        12 am – Guerilla Burlesque Dance Show

Over 2 years ago, Idle Rogue started hosting Live Music events. They started off with a solid base of events and that is what has kept them going strong for so long. Besides live music, you can also join them for DJ and special events such as the Saturday Dance show. They vary in what's going on so every person can find exactly what they are looking for in a great time in SL.

Unique about this venue is that they generally don’t have hosts. At some venues this would kill a show. At Idle Rogue on the other hand, a supportive, friendly and welcoming audience is always present. Whenever you arrive here, you will be welcomed by the sweetest and nicest people around.

Not only are the greetings outstanding, also the music you get to hear is of a very high level. The setting of this venue is simple, not distracting from anything going on at the main stage. Gigantic pictures of the perfomer are a nice touch on the stage that give me the feeling I’m at a huge-rock-concert. Dark colours are used to give everything a touch of class and elegance and it all works together perfectly.

Idle Rogue however is not just a live music venue. They also run a 'New Resident Assistance Program' which provides avatars who are less than thirty days old with five weeks free accommodation, giving them an opportunity to attend events, meet other people and learn to function in a safe environment. With the friendly people you can find here, I am sure that new residents will feel welcome.
What do people think of Idle Rogue? Let’s give them the chance to tell us.

"I don't talk about many venues because most aren't run with the level of dedication my friend chryblnd puts into THIS venue." - Lingual Markus, The Roof @ NYC owner

"I love playing there most of all :) What makes playing there so great is that it just seems to be a gravitational force for cool people and good music" - Hazideon Zarco, performer

"Everyone is sooooo nice" - 10 Gumbo, VIP

"The good people, the great friends, entertainment and sexy dance shows" - Trinity Demonia, VIP

"Gurlilla Burlesque" - Rick Gearbox, VIP

"Always quality music at Idle rogue" - Aelva, VIP

This says it all and this is exactly the reason why you should visit Idle Rogue. You won’t be disappointed!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

DeepSky Timeless at Idle Rogue, Friday May 20 at 7pm

DeepSky Timeless presents his solo material in a post-apocalyptic (pre-rapture?) concert at Idle Rogue this Friday at 7pm. This not-to-be-missed spectacular will include the talents of Guerilla Burlesque (SL) with a stage design by Chewie Smith and choreography by Diawa Bellic.
Mr Timeless is well respected for his work with virtual superband Deep Sky Traveler. He is also a multi-disciplinary artist and writer
Be sure to catch this event as it begins to permeate the grid's consciousness. Mr Timeless and the Pale Hypnotic. An evolution starts here.
Katherine Burkett in rehearsal

Jordan Reyne blogs about her album launch party at Idle Rogue

Idle Rogue and The Joy Of Steampunk combined forces to host a launch party for Jordan Reyne's upcoming album Children Of A Factory Nation on May 6th. You can read Jordan's thoughts on the launch party on her blog, Tales Of Salt, Sea and Machines.

Many thanks are due for the success of the night, not least Knowledge Tomorrow for her round-the-clock work to get the sim ready. To Curti5 Rexen for DJing a set of awesome, rare and beautiful. To the people, fans and friends of Jordan's, especially the ones who entered into the spirit of the event. To my Rogues, who run with whatever hare-brained madness I've dragged them into this time.

The party also launched the video for fan favourite Johnny and The Sea, created by Eloise Coveny and Johnathan Lamb. A wonderful rendering of a tale that reflects man's anguish in the absence of purpose, if you ask me, but I was a marine master's wife, I may be biased :-)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Follow at Idle Rogue

The Follow performing at Idle Rogue as part of their "World Tour In A Day" tour, in support of their new album Building Machines To Reach The Stars. I really cannot speak highly enough of this band and their extremely professional management. Thanks for a great gig guys, you rocked the Rogues. Photos from the grid can be found here.


I first met Floorboard Stradling 18 months ago. She'd been recommended to Idle Rogue by a mutual friend. She was looking for an Australian venue because she has a son who has considerable musical talent. My first impression was that she was that kind of rough, aggressively "ostrayan" female that I'm not especially fond of. It amazes me how people can embrace a stereotype and then complain when their stereotypical behaviour is counted against them.

But Floorboard Stradling's intentions are good, even if she lacks the capacity to carry them through. Floorboard wants to be involved, she wants to be supportive. She just doesn't really ... like anything. Except herself. It turns our her son had no interest in playing in Second Life - no doubt influenced by his mother's spectacularly dysfunctional opinion of the place. Once again, I am astonished at how a certain kind of person seems to be living a very different Second Life to mine. Coincidences and Inconsistancies, indeed.

Floorboard, unsurprisingly, is very keen to bring her own musical talent to the grid. I encourage you to listen to her myspace listings. I think, if you do, you may understand that I didn't feel she was ready to perform. She has a passion, I'll grant you. And she can hit some notes. Some. Not all. Sadly, the ones she misses are the important ones.

In fact,as the person who ultimately decides what happens at Idle Rogue, I made the call that her singing is so fundamentally flawed that I was not prepared to let her perform there. In the end, it really is this simple: I run a chat room, and in return for meeting its' costs, I get to decide what it looks and sounds like. Floorboard obliquely approached me several times about playing. I gently declined. Instead of confronting me directly, Floorboard subjected our mutual friend to months of carping and whining about not being asked to play at Idle Rogue.

Our mutual friend tried the constructive approach, suggesting better equipment, more practice et cetera. In retrospect, we were, all of us, too gentle with her. Floor is not, herself, one for the gentle approach. On many occasions she has attended events at Idle Rogue and IM'd me to tell me what she didn't like about the performer, the event, other venues, my venue, people she met that day.

Direct copy and paste from Floorboard Stradling to me about another performer:
[19:09] Floorboard Stradling: im sorry i didn mean t hurt yur feelings i was rying to give you some constructive critism
[19:10] [unnamed performer]: really?
[19:10] [unnamed performer]: if i did that to you how would u feel?
[19:10] Floorboard Stradling: well id probably liek the honesty how can we learn if ppl arent honest

Separate example of Floorboard's honesty:
[2010/11/18 14:12] Floorboard Stradling: gday mate is [performer] on at your palce
[2010/11/18 14:12] chryblnd Scribe: at [unnamed venue], wanna tp?
[2010/11/18 14:12] Floorboard Stradling: yeah thanks
[2010/11/18 14:18] Floorboard Stradling: geez thats songs shit

It's apparent to me, now, that we were not "honest" enough. We thought her singing was "shit". We should have said "your singing is shit". On friday, it all turned sour.

[03:50] Floorboard Stradling: dont you remebr what you said to me
[03:52] [our mutual friend]: I remember a discussion about how you thought that Aussie artists weren't supported in SL.. on which we differed in opinion. We also spoke about the fact that you don't play here. And yes, I don't feel that your live was up to scratch.
[03:53] Floorboard Stradling: that real nasty
[03:53] Floorboard Stradling: you hadnt even herd me or seen me for mths
[03:53] [our mutual friend]: no Floor.. it's what I think.. What do you want me to say?
[03:53] Floorboard Stradling: not to mention even knew that i was unwell
[03:54] Floorboard Stradling: you can have your opinion but yo udont rally know cause you hadnt heard me for a loong time
[03:54] Floorboard Stradling: things change its called learning all about it and refining all this equipment
[03:55] Floorboard Stradling: apparently you seem to be some vocal expert
[03:55] Floorboard Stradling: LOL
[03:55] [our mutual friend]: yep, agreed
[03:55] Floorboard Stradling: what a joke
[03:55] Floorboard Stradling: fuck off
[03:55] [our mutual friend]: Excuse me. I didn't say I was. I said I didn't feel you were right for Rogue. It's a fucking opinion Floor. You going to rack me about an opinion coz it differs from yours?
[03:56] Floorboard Stradling: you are one very nasty girl
[03:57] [our mutual friend]: And your not listening, your only hearing what you want to. And you don't like it. I don't blame you. But you asked, I told you what i thought. If you don't want to know, don't ask Floor. *throws up her hands*
[04:05] Floorboard Stradling: get my name off your fkn profile you arent a friends asshole
[04:05] [our mutual friend]: as you wish.

At this point, our mutual friend posted a picture of one of Floorboard's griefer alts in her profile picks, along with a copy/paste of Floorboard's reaction to our mutual friend's honesty.
[04:07] Floorboard Stradling: dont ever speak to me again spit ..
[04:23] Floorboard Stradling: GET MY FKN NAME OFF OF THERE
[04:23] Floorboard Stradling: YOU SEEM TO ENJOY UPSETTING PPL

So then, finally, Floorboard approaches me.
[04:31] Floorboard Stradling: mate if you are with [our mutual friend] can you please ask her to take my name off her profile
[04:31] Floorboard Stradling: thast just real nasty what shes done
[04:33] Floorboard Stradling: its ok i sort it
[04:39] chryblnd Scribe: You ask for it, Floor. You are rude everywhere you go, you've been notably rude here and about entertainment I have and manage. And yet when a friend tries to be honest with you, you crucify her. You know what? The hugest irony of you is, you say we're not supportive of you ... not telling you how bloody awful your singing is was us BEING supportive. But that was not enough for you. You pushed it to a confrontation ... well, ya got one.
[04:39] Floorboard Stradling: I have not ben rude there
[04:41] Floorboard Stradling: i have actauly tried to support your place im just not here
[04:42] chryblnd Scribe: actually, you went to great lengths to let me know you didn't enjoy [an event I produced]. And you weren't shy about telling me [another performer]sucks, too. It's ok for you, but not for anyone else? Let it go, Floor. You have your ppl who enjoy what you do.
[04:42] Floorboard Stradling: i certainly dont think i am rude everywher i go thats just a lie
[04:42] Floorboard Stradling: what is this isnt sl meant to be fun
[04:42] chryblnd Scribe: you take great pride in it, you have told me on numerous occasions how you've belittled and abused people for not liking what you do
[04:43] chryblnd Scribe: and tonight, you lashed at someone who was a friend. Your bad
[2011/05/06 04:46] Floorboard Stradling: dotnt start with me on this shite
[2011/05/06 04:46] Floorboard Stradling: hahaha hilarious
[2011/05/06 04:46] chryblnd Scribe: oh suck it up, Floor. I have neither the time or the interest. As ye sow, so shall ye reap

After that, I muted her. I doubt she noticed. She was busy filing an AR against our mutual friend for violation of her privacy (copying Floorboard's charming IMs to her profile. Yes, copy/pasting an IM. Like Floorboard did in the example above. Only, of course, Floorboard was talking about someone else who wasn't there to defend themselves).

Our mutual friend has subsequently had her account suspended and restored. And Floorboard Stradling has started IMing my alt, Saturday Melody.

[3:32] Floorboard Stradling: You really are pathelic lol, I mean really why would I care if I performed at your pretend pixel land club, no wonder you are known as the cunt of sl... you are serioulsy hilarious
[3:47] Floorboard Stradling: youd be to unattractive to be a burleque dancer lady, and wow you cant sing either, so no sl sadly means for you no talent.

It seems she has a little trouble letting go. To assist her with that, I have now muted her on both my accounts, and banned her from my venue.

Taking a cue from venues I greatly respect, I rarely ban, though I do eject for the duration of an event if someone is disrupting the event. There are two people who are permanently banned from Idle Rogue. Both have carried out sustained attacks on people who live and work on Idle Rogue. People who are a fundamental part of its' community. Love it or hate it, while ever I pay the bills, that's how we roll.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Did you know?

Idle Rogue group members are permitted to rez and build on Idle Rogue. Because we are a working venue, we ask that major projects be rezzed on the builder platform in the sky. If you don't have the landmark, please IM chryblnd Scribe to get it.

If you need a large prim allowance for an ongoing project you need to let chry know. Otherwise prims are checked daily and returned to your inventory.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Things to look forward to at Idle Rogue

Lots of goings on, changes and temporary absences upcoming:

::: Guerilla Burlesque will present their first revue this weekend, at 12am April 9. This is midnight as friday turns into Saturday, for those who struggle with times. The girls have worked really hard to create a dance show that features interpretive acts from different genres.

::: JordanReyne Deezul is relocating to the UK as of April 20, which will narrow her ability to perform for an unspecified time. Idle Rogue will host a going-away party for her at 11pm on April 16. This will be a themed party and your chance to get your invitation to the launch of Jordan's new album (and videos)on May 6.

::: Saintess Larnia is taking a couple of weeks away from morning performances, so we are taking the opportunity to fill the empty space she leaves with some favourites. On April 12 at 3am, join us as POL Arida returns to Idle Rogue, and stay tuned to hear who's taking the slot on April 19.

::: The Follow are launching their new album with a "World Tour" and the Australian leg of the tour will be hosted by Idle Rogue. \o/ The Follow are an extremely popular alternative band in both RL and SL, and their last show at Idle Rogue packed the place out. Join us on May 6 at 6am to see these guys do their thing

There is lots more in the breeze, so keep an eye on this page as the announcements roll out!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Idle Rogue Community - Exhibition

The latest addition to the Community Hall at Idle Rogue is the Art Exhibit of Sculpter Nessuno Myoo.

Nessuno Myoo is an inspiring artist from Italy, who will be exhibiting here at the Idle Rogue Community Hall for the month of April 2011.

I came across his work on Flickr, and fell in love with a piece called Living Dead Stories, which is now on display in the Community Hall.

From the artist (Google translated from Italian):
'Living Dead Stories' is a work that stems from the desire
want to expose your lungs all the rage and indignation
against a pseudo-journalistic television too often
goes hand in hand with that of the lowest of vaudeville entertainment
and which for years we see dazed from our homes.
An attempt to tell the truth that is being passed to 'better life'
without even really matters is entrusted to seedy characters
shift with difficulty dragging their miserable lives.
We like them-to-end unable to choose, to react,
but just remember what we were awkwardly,
in a corrupt and grotesque pantomime cyclic banner
degradation and bad taste. For all these reasons
is also a tribute to the extraordinary and romantic
literary figure of the zombie film and Romero,
of which-admit it-a big fan and at the same time
A metaphor for the pursuit of happiness through the use of technology ..."

The following sculptures are on display for April 2011:
Living Dead Stories
Absurd Trinity
The Angel
The Secret Escape Of Puppets
The Tale of Angels
I'm Here In The Tunnel

Nessuno is also on Twitter, Flickr and his blog

Please support our new artist and make him feel welcome.

Knowledge Tomorrow
Idle Rogue Community Hall - Exhibition Coordinator

Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Resident Assist Program goes into action

Long-term Rogues will remember we have run this program successfully in the past. This incarnation is largely under the care of Cait (Knowledge Tomorrow) and myself, at least until we find someone who can commit the time to it.

Idle Rogue houses new residents (up to four at a time). We provide free furnished accommodation for a maximum of five weeks, during which time new residents (less than thirty days old) are encouraged to learn basic skills and meet and interact with more experienced users. The simple apartments are designed to reinforce acquired skills and interaction. The events and continual traffic on the sim provides a great opportunity to meet and mingle.

New users are also offered opportunities to advance in an area of interest, including content creation and employment opportunities. There is already a builder platform, and classes/workshops in many skills will commence over the next few weeks.

The idea for the program grew out of my own SL experience. As a noob, I rezzed in the former Pond Estates, a now defunct sim which was operated by an Australian ISP. For all it's flaws (and there were some), The Pond gave many Rogues space and opportunity to grow and establish ties to Second Life.

Anyone who reads or watches mainstream media will be familiar with stories of Second Life being "dead" because it is empty. While we all know that is not true, many new users simply do no know where to find other people, and leave, thinking they've stumbled into a relic. It was my intention to address this simply by actively looking for new users and engaging them in conversation. Where some mutual interests exist, the noob is invited to take up a "lease". After five weeks, assistance with renting, buying, or relocating is offered, and the new resident is "released into the wild".

The program, though expensive in terms of prim resources,time and emotional energy, has been so very worth it. We are looking forward to our new tenants, and Cait has already filled three of the four apartments. If you meet a new resident and think they would take to the Rogue lifestyle, please IM Knowledge Tomorrow or chryblnd Scribe to see what we have available.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Current Lineup

DST returns!

Long-term Rogues will be as happy as I am to hear that prog/hard rock giants Deep Sky Traveler will return to Idle Rogue this Saturday and 6pm and monthly thereafter. Just like the old days \o/

Deep Sky Traveler are a trio of musicians who perform their original music ONLY in Second Life. Vocalist Bowie Bravin, Guitarist FacelessAPe Mefusula and multi-instrumentalist DeepSky Timeless create mind-blowing music in their online collaborations, and present it in a fully-immersive rock concert event. You have not seen anything of this calibre if you have not seen DST. Welcome back, gentlemen :-)

Monday, March 7, 2011

What it looks like

For those who are only mildly curious, or who haven't had time to come by yet, some pictures of the new Idle Rogue. Above is the live music venue (which will always be an outdoor venue, in a nod to my love for Australia's many outdoor music festivals). This is a big stage, big enough to hold anything we might dream up, which is always important at Idle Rogue. The stage has two "green rooms" which are provided for the comfort of performers and the Guerilla Burlesque dancers.

In addition, we have built an indoor club/theatre, the as yet unnamed home of Guerilla Burlesque, whoi will be hosting at least one dance revue each week. These will not be strictly burlesque performances, although those will be welcome. We are looking to celebrate dance acts and performance art in as many forms as we can find.

The primary focus of Idle Rogue remains entertainment, particularly live entertainment, and Idle Rogue will always have an "alternative" modus operandi. There are some subtle shifts, however: we will focus mainly on the midnight-dawn timeslot; we will not limit ourselves to live music; and we will continue to encourage all forms of content creation where we can.

Other plans include: classes and workshops, new resident assistance, a monthly magazine, games, competitions and other "community" pursuits. If you are interested in any of these things, please IM chryblnd Scribe and join either the Idle Rogue group or subscription list.

You can view more photographs from the sim on our flickr page.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Idle Rogue - the region!

It is with great delight that we announce our new location, Idle Rogue on Idle Rogue. Due to the extraordinary support and generosity Knowledge Tomorrow has always shown Idle Rogue, we will now share our space with The Joy of Steampunk museum, all under the regional name of Idle Rogue.

While moving the sim has been hectic - the offer came up, was accepted, and put into operation just over a week ago - the place is abuzz with committed and enthusiastic Rogues. There is generally someone on the sim, and there are an abundance of ideas that we are attempting to develop.

We are in a space where Idle Rogue can very realistically live up to the original vision. Idle Rogue was always to be a place where ppl could create and explore the possibilities of their Second Life. There is a strong emphasis on music and entertainment, which is my influence, since those are my loves ... but Idle Rogue is much more. It is a community, with a group of people at it's core who care about each other and extend their welcome to any who wish to join us. We like music, we like pretty things, we like to laugh and we like to chat. Most Idle Rogues are born entertainers of some kind, and it shows in the way we spend our time. There is no clique at Idle Rogue, though I would be lost without my "inner sanctum", who support, guide and nourish everything we do.

From September 2010 to February 2011, Idle Rogue's traffic was over 8000 avatars. It is my hope and my belief that every one of those avatars felt welcomed and enjoyed their visit with us.

In the days to come I will post photos for those who have not yet been by to explore the new sim, but I do hope you will use the links and make your own time to drop by and consider what might be available to you. I will also post an entry with some of the ideas that are being floated, and I emphasise that we welcome yours, too. We are at the beginning of a new era, now is the time to see what might be possible.

By way of closing, I would like to thank Slappy Doobie, Ellie Criss, and the people of Viva La Glam, who were extremely generous to us in our time there. Viva La Glam is a wonderfully built sim (currently featured in the Editors Picks of Second Life's Destination Guide)and we are sure they, too, have a vibrant future you should be part of.