Sunday, November 25, 2012

Chewie Quixote - Dreamweaver

Chewie Quixote has filmed her interpretation of Gary Wrights 70s classic "Dreamweaver", the act Chewie performed last friday night for Guerilla Burlesque. This is the act almost exactly as we saw it in the show, with Chewie's perfectly controlled choreography, a beautiful costume and a stage set that transforms in front of your eyes.

Guerilla Burlesque performs this kind of act every friday night on Idle Rogue at midnight.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Art Walk on Idle Rogue


Idle Rogue's
                                           November 4th- November 25th 2012

Spend a little time walking through the cherry trees at Idle Rogue. Head east from the water stage and enjoy the pretty surroundings and the work of our three featured artists. You can purchase any of the works by right-clicking and paying the easel vendors.

Musical guests throughout the month will include JordanReyne Deezul, Rara Destiny, POL Arida, Saintess Larnia and Lisa Brune, performing on The Falls stage on Fridays throughout the month

Featured Artist: Chewie Quixote                

Chewie Quixote has been involved in the Virtual music and dance scene for over two years.

Chewie is one of the star performers of Guerilla Burlesque and started taking photographs ( screen captures ) as a history of the troupe's activities as well as a visual record of the acts that have been performed. Chewie was inspired to improve the quality of her work by the works of Lingual Markus, Senjata Witt and Graham Collinson. Her work has received quiet praise from mentors and fans alike.

In addition to her work as an interpretive dancer and a photographer, Chewie is also gaining a solid reputation as a machinimatographer.

Chewie's works can be found at DeviantArt, KoinUp and YouTube

Featured Artist: Kavisha Quan

"My humble contribution to the art world on second life began as soon as I found out I could take snapshots. 
I wanted to make pictures that were more than the usual family snaps, or the often-seen romantic shots.
The beauty of buildings, the beings and the environment.
In this series of pictures I have taken pictures from outside of Second Life.  These are from the visually stunning but sombre game of Esther, with a favorite thrown in for all you Guild Wars fans.
You see in my work combinations of these things, visual beauty, architecture and the solitude of gaming in a social world.
The angle is the thing... my eye loves what it sees.

Featured Artist: Autumn Teardrop

"I've been taking photographs in SL for a while now, because I love catching those beautiful moments and people that I see. I feel my strengths are in spur-of-the-moment shots, especially at live events or social gatherings. I've never done anything even remotely visual in RL, so it's a nice escape, I get to do something different. :)

I do not currently take wedding shots or arranged live events, sorry, my RL makes it a bit difficult to commit to specific times, as is being in a weird time zone (New Zealand). But if I'm present at something, I'll generally be busy taking random shotsof people and things (and handing them out if they're any good).

I've got a little gallery where you can see some of my work. Feel free to drop in and have a look some time."

 Scheduled Events:

We had scheduled an opening event featuring musical performances by Rara Destiny and Jordan Reyne, but Linden Lab had other ideas for that night. Since we have scheduled concerts  for the Art Walk Stage throughout November, we figured we'd just march on. Come along to any of the friday morning concerts and enjoy some of the best live performances in Second Life while you soak up the Art Walk Atmosphere.

Friday November 16th                                         Friday November 23rd 
2am - Saintess Larnia                                           2am - Lisa Brune
3am - Jordan Reyne                                             3am Jordan Reyne

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Final Halloween Show for Guerilla Burlesque tonight at midnight

It's our last show for the Halloween season, and we're staying up late. When you're done with stealing the kids candy, come and see us at the Halloween Theatre on Idle Rogue, for a final waltz with the spooky, darkside divas of Guerilla Burlesque. Doors open at 11:45pm for a midnight start!

Bonnie Revnik plays dead in an attempt to lure you to Idle Rogue for Guerilla Burlesque's final Halloween show for 2012.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Guerilla Halloween!

Guerilla Burlesque is traipsing around the grid, tricking and treating on tour. Don't miss our fun and creepy Halloween shows, each one is unique, with acts from all your favourite divas.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It's Halloween at Idle Rogue!

It is an Idle Rogue tradition for the sim to decorate for Halloween, and each year we put a lot of thought into ways to celebrate Halloween in a way that's not too cheesy. I have always been fascinated by notions of decayed beauty, and the thrill of fear, and Idle Rogue's Halloween displays traditionally use those motifs.

This year's display is our finest yet, a graceful epic of design and texture, created by ShippyCreations, the noob who, in just over one year, has had a significant effect on Idle Rogue's style. I decided to interview Shippy for the blog, and let him share with you some of the influences he feels in his Second Life.

Shippy's RL background is profoundly creative. He describes a close and supportive family of artisans, innovators and teachers who were very willing to nurture his creative urges. " I am a creator by nature," Shippy says. "If there is a way for me to make it, I will try". An architecture graduate, Shippy's college years were enriched by several trips abroad, including to Italy, Egypt, China and Norway, as well as a Theatre Design scholarship. As a self-confessed "power gamer since the age of 5", Shippy incorporated a digital media minor into his studies, and resisted the lure of Second Life while he finished his degree.

"I first learned about Second Life in 2005," Shippy says, "when a fellow architecture student did a project surrounding digital design as well as cloud space.  I had considered joining then, but I stayed away from it until I was finished with school, both for financial reasons and for time considerations, knowing I could spend way to much time there and not get studies done." 

When he arrived, his explorations brought him quickly to Idle Rogue. "My first search was for Star Trek, since I'm a huge trekkie.  The sims I found were lacking, and slightly disappointing compared to other games I've played.  Next I went for Star Wars, because I like it as much as I do Star Trek." Shippy acknowledges the space themes: "I am generally geeky that way," he says. His search for others of his kind was disappointing, he says, but notes "I love steampunk almost as much as I love spacepunk, " . His explorations brought him to the Joy Of Steampunk on his second day in SL, which naturally led him across the ditch to Idle Rogue. At Idle Rogue, he found the 3D environment that suits his various interests, "Oh, and they have a rock venue... sweet, and some sort of dance show?". You can almost hear him rubbing his pixel hands together in glee.

Shippy started the Halloween build with plans to equal the build from 2011, which he'd admired, perhaps by incorporating a graveyard and cathedral into a crypt or maze. "After the crypt/maze was largely completed, I went to work on the upper stages.  I had only a vague idea of some sort of basilica design in mind, something with high arches and holes in the ceiling with fallen arches and ruins in the main sanctuary". 

As he incorporated the Guerilla Burlesque stage, however, he found his design leaning to "Paris Opera" house style,". A huge fan of original soundtrack music, he admits his building was influenced by The Phantom Of The Opera and preview trailers from the upcoming film version of Les Miserables. "I love theater design, so it was more fun to build a broken ass theater, something that looked like it was once glorious.  A place for kings and queens and heads of state."

The resulting building is certainly reminiscent of glorious times. High quality textures were chosen, and Shippy feels textures are a vital resource for 3D builders. "A box is a box, until you paint it with something pretty.  Learning how to dial textures is also important.  Your box is still an ugly box if you can't place the paint in the right spots," he says. 

The theatre itself, which will house Guerilla Burlesque's Halloween Show (midnight Wednesday October 31st) features a mezzanine balcony for members of the Guerilla Burlesque Exclusive group, as well as ample seating on the lower level for regular guests. The building opens, almost casually, onto stunning ocean views, evoking a distinctly European feel. The maze, sprawling underneath, is suitably challenging, and filled with enough spooky surprises to make it fun. Don't forget the graveyard, and pumpkin patch, complete with interactive poses and a dance machine for your ghoulish parties.

As for power-levelling content creator Shippy Creations, his plans for future builds remain squarely in the Epic column. "My favorite (project) so far is an "Air Basillica" done in the steampunk style.  Think Flying Fortress from "Sonic the Hedgehog 2" for those of you gamers, " he says. 

The Halloween Theatre opened on October 1st and will be gone before dawn on November 1st (as long as chry can bear to part with it). We're very keen to publish any photos you take that use the building, they can be mailed to


Sunday, September 23, 2012

London Online - F@*K YEAH!

Idle Rogue Productions and Factory Nation are excited to announce LONDON ONLINE, the first in what may develop into a series of concerts bringing top-shelf first life performers to second life, live from London.

This event will be presented from 12am on Saturday, October 29th, and you can get help converting that time at the very easy-to-use World Time Converter. The lineup, announced today, is:

12am Jordan Reyne: well known in Second Life, award-nominated steampunk siren Jordan Reyne performs a polished fusion of dark folk, industrial found sound and acoustic melodies. Her rich vocals convey edgy tales and noir observations with an easy grace that has taken her across the globe to reach audiences from all walks of life               

1am Amphibic: "quite dark and lyrically understated",  "quirky songwriter meets orchestra" ... you can get a good feel for the material at Amphibic's Facebook Player

2am - Maxdmyz   described as focused, tight, and hypnotic, Maxdmyz are a genuine industrial metal outfit (a rare thing in Second Life) about to show online audiences the relentless power that's causing all the talk

This is an extraordinary infusion of genuine talent for Second Life. Thanks are owed to Jordan Reyne, Factory Nation, Secret Rage and Anek Fuchs for their assistance in presenting this event.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Hallowe'en is coming ...

We have closed off the common at Idle Rogue to commence our Hallowe'en build, which we hope to open on the first weekend in October.

Guerilla Burlesque will be performing a Hallowe'en show at midnight on October 31, with a roster of dancers enticing you to stay up late and get your fright on. When you wake up in the morning, Idle Rogue's Hallowe'en build will be gone, as if it were never there ....

Monday, August 27, 2012

Mr Timeless & The Pale Hypnotic - Sunday, September 2

 Mr Timeless & The Pale Hypnotic is the current stance for an ongoing project from DeepSky Timeless. Idle Rogue has produced several shows with Mr Timeless and Guerilla Burlesque now, weaving together his Wonderbot concept with music from his excellent solo album of the same name.

Wonderbot follows a nameless hero in the distant, post-human future. Mutants worship talk radio broadcasts from years past, cyborgs live in a Utopian community where Area 51 one stood, and the mysterious Wonderbot waits for the nameless adventurer.

This Sunday's production is the most truly collaborative and inclusive from the Idle Rogue team. Chewie Quixote's set design reaches into the Pale Hypnotic's chaotic heart and is lit with rockstar love by Shippy Creations. A hand-picked team of dancers are put through their paces by choreographer Diawa Bellic, who has been working with Mr Timeless for many years. 

*SK Designs* Sho Kyong has put together a post-apocalyptic glamour for the dancers, featuring a limited edition dress with that special burlesque touch, a combination of creepy and sexy you can only get at an Idle Rogue production.

Join us for the journey at Idle Rogue on Sunday September 2, 2012, at 7pm. Audience members are encouraged to dress in cyber/steampunk ... and pack light, in case you need to run :-).

Saturday, July 7, 2012

some bits'n'pieces

Is it just being in your undies that draws you out? One of our best attended theme nights recently, and a lot of fun too. Maybe we should dispense with themes and just have Undies Night :-)
Starting July 7, Idle Rogue will have a meeting once a month, at 5pm on the second Saturday of each month. No-one is required to attend, it's just an "official" opportunity to give us your feedback, ask questions and learn what's coming up. We'll also have a "staff" meeting on the third Saturday of each month, where we can monitor your suggestions and keep an eye on developing ideas. Those meetings will show up on the calendar, which is to your right there ===>

I'll post more after the meeting, so that I can report any astounding developments (I jest) as well as the few upcoming things I do know about. Hope to see you there, you'd be very welcome

Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 7th at Idle Rogue

We think the triple bill of Guerilla Burlesque, Lisa Brune and Loreen Aldrin will be a delicious strong brew, irresistably flavoursome and good for your soul. Join us from midnight in the Guerilla Burlesque Theatre at Idle Rogue, this Friday, July 7th, 2012.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

More great live music this weekend

At midnight the team from Guerilla Burlesque opens proceedings with their high-energy dance revue. This week featuring performances from beloved stars Jewellah Magic, Chewie Quixote, SexyS Quintessa, Kiriam MacIntyre, Sho Kyong, and Chucci BigBear, doors open from 11:45pm to allow you to met with friends, find your seat and enjoy the ambience of a live stage show.

At 1am, delightful Lisa Brune returns to Idle Rogue. The dizzying combination of her rich voice, alternative classics and a stunning avatar proved incredibly popular at her first outing on the IR stage, and we look forward to more from this fabulously cool performer

At 2am Idle Rogue favourite, Jordan Reyne, joins us for a performance that melds folk noir, powerful alto vocals and industrial found sound with an accoustic and loop musicality that is unique and original. Jordan Reyne is a premier performer whose recorded works are award-nominated and whose real life resume includes the legendary Glastonbury Festival.

At 3am Kristopher Walpole returns to Idle Rogue after an absence of some months. Kris's original music is the stuff of classic indie ballads - wistful themes, clever guitar and a voice that reminds you of a Saturday morning comedown. It's glorious alt yearning and the perfect finish to an amazing evening at Idle Rogue

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Live Music at Idle Rogue hits every mark

The power combination of pairing Guerilla Burlesque shows with live performances from the best musicians on the grid has so far proven to be very satisfying.

After a series of unfortunate events, we had taken a short break from staging live music performances. Make no mistake, running live music can be an exhausting and expensive pursuit. Hosting a live music event is hard work, and it starts long before the performer takes the stage. I think most venue owners will agree with me when I say that even when the performance finally starts, as host, you're still too busy fielding enquiries to enjoy it. Be sweet to the venues who bring you live music - they've earned your love.

With that off my chest, I would personally like to rave a little about the talent we have been privileged to enjoy so far. In May we heard the work of the ethereal Lisa Cuthbert, shit-hot (Jordan's words, not mine) shredder Anek Fuchs, and the delicious Lisa Brune. We've had performances from our favourite activist Pol Arida and of course, it is not Idle Rogue without the astonishing Jordan Reyne. All of these artists have been re-booked through June and July, in addition to the scheduled reappearance of Kristopher Walpole and some new performers you haven't fallen in love with yet. Keep your eyes peeled for the RL - SL mega-concert featuring some of London's finest live musicians on one bill.

I'd also like to thank the Idle Rogues who support this love of mine. Zelana Shippe, Jewellah Magic and Knowledge Tomorrow are responsible in a very large (and practical) way for bringing the music back to Idle Rogue, but I'd also like to thank those little birdies like Cinnamon Raymaker and Perky Baxton who got in my ear and encouraged me to think we could do more, and do it better.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Presenting Guerilla Burlesque ...

We are delighted to present the latest Guerilla Burlesque video from the astonishing mind of Ormand Lionheart (FuzonAcid).

Each friday at midnight on Idle Rogue, Guerilla Burlesque present one dazzling hour of fast-paced original entertainment, the best of it's kind on the grid. The divas of Guerilla Burlesque develop fresh dance interpretations of modern songs. They build stage sets, choreograph animations, and costume avatars to provide you with a cutting-edge performance experience. Audiences love Guerilla Burlesque - the atmosphere of a live and interactive show, the sparkle of innovation. Come check us out!

Diawa Bellic's powerful repetoire of dance and vision in a still from the video
Idle Rogue in Second Life:
Like us on Facebook:
or join the Idle Rogue or Guerilla Burlesque Exclusive group for up-to-the-minute information
Guerilla Burlesque are: Diawa Bellic, Chewie Smith, Chucci Bigbear, Kiriam MacIntyre, Sixys Quintessa, Jewel Magic-sl, Perky Baxton, Brandee Snoodle, Kait Tomorrow, Sho Kyong and chryblnd Scribe.
Special Guest Appearance: Susan Lapis.
Boylesque are - Curti5 Rexen, Shippy Creations, GarGraVar Rau, DarkDays Rau, Esoteric Jigsaw, Mercutio Evanier and Maxmum Panache

Boylesque founder Curti5 Rexen in a still from Ormand Lionheart's new video

Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday, I'm In Love

Chewie Quixote made a lovely video from the friday theme night party this week. If you're not joining us for this weekly event, you're missing out on some warm and funny times with a crew who are always welcoming. It's on every Friday at 12am (that's midnight thursday, or hey, look over there to your right, it's a calendar!) and the Prince Of Rogues, Curti5 Rexen, oversees a playlist that is always a blast.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Guerilla Burlesque and Guardian Spirit team up to raise funds and awareness

Guardian Spirit is a registered charity in the state of Montana, formed to raise funds to establish, maintain and staff a simulated environment in Second Life. Guardian Spirit aims to provide a safe environment in which high-functioning Autistics can learn valuable life skills and be part of a supportive community.

I believe in this endeavour. I am personally supportive of any venture that makes use of the immersive nature of virtual worlds to facilitate greater self-awareness. That is what I, personally, have gained from Second Life, and I see daily examples of ways other people use the medium to teach and to learn. It's no stretch for me to see how autistic residents could use the medium to learn life and social skills, in addition to gaining access to good quality support services, and that is the endeavour Marcus Morris and Guardian Spirit are proposing.

This Saturday night, Guerilla Burlesque will perform a special event, one-off show in support of Guardian Spirit, who will simultaneously hold a first-life event to raise funds and awareness. The show, under the direction of Curti5 Rexen, will feature some of your most-loved performers in a themed program full of dazzling effects and clever routines. Please set aside time to join us from 7pm on Saturday night for this wonderful cause.

You can see footage of the Guardian Spirit sim here, and read Marcus Morris' interview with his local newspaper, The Billings Gazette.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

chry's thank you for the Benefit for Jordan

So I need to do a great big speechify thing. I have some thank-yous to attend to (headsup - it's a looooonggggg one):

LizAday Solo was the first to come to me and say "we need to do something"; hot on her heels was G.Bevin, and while I was worrying about compromising Jordan's dignity, it was G who rang her and said "would this help?". Without them, the Benefit For Jordan Reyne would not have happened, and as most of you now know, it was an outstanding success, and will make a real difference to Jordan's current, fairly dire, circumstances.

G also ran up the webpage, with the buttons to make purchases and donate directly. We wanted people who could help to do so in a way that was immediate, and that bypassed the handling of people in the middle. For those who would donate in world, we wanted something simple and transparent, so that you could all see that the money went where we said it would go, as soon as possible after you donated it. Hence "Rogue Fretwerk" now outed as my alt :-)

I'm going to post the thanks to the next entity as his avatar, though I would be overjoyed if people in his real life know how kind and thorough he is. Dragonfly Live brought in several performers. I was schooled hard last time I did a charity event about asking people to perform for donations, and didn't want to do it this time. I asked in the most general way possible for people who wanted to give their time and ebergy, and I want to thank Mel Cheeky, Pol Arida, Russell Eponym, G, Liz, and Loreen Aldrin for their immediate generosity and response. But Joel (Dragonfly), filled out the rest of the bill with really talented, generous musicians who joined with the others to make the event not just successful, but a joy to participate in. I'd be thrilled to death to have attended that concert in real life, it was as good as any festival you can imagine (okay, maybe not soundwave, but horses for courses lol).

I need to thank, individually, and specifically, Russell Eponym, Mel Cheeky, Marvin, Pol Arida, Brendan Shoreland, Lisa Brune, Rara Destiny, Dragonfly, Loreen Aldrim, PT Beardmore, Lyrica Acoustic and LizAday Solo for their thoughtful compassion and their professional courtesy. Some of those people are not on facebook, or are not on my facebook (lookin' at YOU Russell Eponym), so if you know them please let them know how immensely grateful I am. Whether or not you know them, please support them, go to their gigs and tell your friends about them - they deserve it, they rock.

Important to thank is Thea Dee and the army of host-assistants she brought to the fray, ready and schooled for war lol. You guys made it fun and charming, I loved working with you. Thanks also to Cricket Palianta for shouldering the load in her super-heroine way - you don't know how important a break is til you haven't had one for seven hours! This event not only had the best musicians on the grid, but the best hosts, and it showed. I was so proud to be amongst you.

Last but never ever least, big love to my personal wailing wall, Lingual Markus, who never lets me down, and Shippy Creations who always builds me up, as well as the Guerilla Burlesque team and the mighty Idle Rogue. You guys are the net, and I'd be splattered guts without you.

Thank you all, on my behalf, and on behalf of Jordan, who will, I am sure, thank you herself when she is able to get decent access to you all. It's estimated we raised over 900 pounds - I draw the line at learning english money, I think it's enough that I master six clocks without lasting damage. This is a lot of money, though probably not if you have to pay a rental bond and rent in advance with it. We made a difference, and we showed Jordan how well she is loved across the globe. Congratulations, and again, always, and with more than a little astonishment - thank you.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Benefit for Jordan Reyne

You can donate directly, or purchase albums at ... but you'd be missing, potentially, the concert of the year

Friends of Jordan Reyne are gathering in Second Life this Saturday, April 7, to raise funds to help Jordan get back on her feet.

Due to a series of unpredictable personal disasters, the things Jordan had been able to count on as part of a stable and nourishing life broke down, with the eventual result that, this very week, Jordan is homeless, without income, and has suffered losses to her personal belongings and equipment. And when we watched her put her beloved dog into foster care, some people thought: enough was enough. Those people, generous musicians and friends who have grown to love Jordan, decided to offer what they could - the proceeds from their work. To help.

A look at the lineup will show you that this concert will feature some of the very best live performers in Second Life. From the dynamic thumper Pol Arida to the cutting-edge alt maestro Dragonfly, to glam rocketeer LizAday Solo, every act is an outstanding example from our thriving live music industry.

What we need now is you. You and all your friends. Bring a few bucks along to the Benefit for JordanReyne at Idle Rogue in Second Life. It is the single best live music event you will see in Second Life this year. It will be a fun show, built out of love, as the best ones always are.

All donations will be collected and paid to Jordan via her Second Life account. You can also donate to her directly, via Paypal (, or purchase her albums to contribute. Use the link below to access the Benefit's home page.

Throughout my time working with Jordan Reyne, I have come to know that her particular gift is to shine a light on a dark place, and show us that everything will be okay - that it's okay to yell, and it's okay to howl, and it's okay to curse. That there's darkness everywhere, but you're okay if you can look it in the eye.

It's our turn. Jordan needs some light. Tag, you're it.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Guerilla Burlesque to work with Guardian Spirit to raise funds for Autism Training sim

April 2 is Autism Awareness Day, and today seems like a good day to announce our upcoming fundraiser show on April 21st.

We have been approached by Marcus Morris, the founder of Guardian Spirit, to assist with raising funds for the sim he runs using the Second Life Platform. Marcus, himself on the autism spectrum, has established a sim and has effective plans to develop it as a virtual training facility for autistic clients. It is envisaged that the Guardian Spirit facility will assist with:
  • Effective training of social and employment skillsDeveloping pride, self-confidence and self-esteem in our autistic clients
  • Easy, fun and affordable virtual training and counseling
  • Precision employment training and placement
  • Real world growth for the autistic client through a virtual setting
Marcus believes that the Second Life platform and the virtual environment are extremely valuable tools for this kind of teaching, and we agree.

Guardian Spirit is a registered Non-Profit organisation. Because of the many  and varied ways avatars are asked to support charities in Second Life, Marcus went to some lengths to provide evidence of Guardian Spirit's first life presence and non-profit status. We know you want to know that the money you donate will in fact reach it's target. Those wishing to pursue verification should IM chryblnd Scribe inworld in the first instance.

The Guerilla Burlesque troupe is very supportive of Autism awareness, and they are all keen to present a fun show to a new audience - this event will be held at 6pm SLT, and not our usual midnight timeslot. We hope fans will be excited to invite their friends who cannot stay up late enough to see the weekly show. Curti5 Rexen is overseeing the production of this event, and we plan to release more information on just what the event will feature over the coming weeks. What you can be sure of is a vibrant, dynamic and quality production from a team who does just that every week.

Save the date and join us for a fun night with a heart of gold. Saturday, April 21st from 6pm at Idle Rogue.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Idle Rogue to scout musical talent for new bookings

Idle Rogue will return to booking professional musicians from April onwards. The current plan is to book a musician for each weekend to perform either before or after Guerilla Burlesque shows, which will grant you access to an audience of 30-40 avatars, however, you must be prepared to perform in timeslots of either 11pm on fridays or 1am on Saturdays, and you should use your judgement as to whether performing as part of this program suits your musical style.
If you are interested in these bookings, please provide a notecard with your bio, fees, and preferred timeslot to avatar account ROGUE FRETWERK as soon as possible.
Please share this information with musicians and other performers who may be interested in this venture. These are fee-paying bookings, with conditions attached, as we are hoping to enhance our audience's experience and ensure the smooth delivery of the entertainment we provide.

DeepSky Timeless and Guerilla Burlesque - March 2012

Snapshot_031Timeless_030Timeless_029Choreographer - Diawa BellicMick Chiwanga stands guardRogue Fretwerk, Thea Dee, Chuee Coleslaw and Maxmum Panache
Timeless_023Timeless_022Chewie QuixoteTimeless_021Idle Rogue ProductionsTimeless_020
DeepSky Timeless SilhouetteTimeless_019Timeless_018Timeless_017Diawa's assTimeless_016

Another amazing event from Idle Rogue Productions. Featuring the music of DeepSky Timeless, and a post-apocalyptic Medicine Show stage set built by Chewie Quixote, the show featured the choreography of Diawa Bellic and lighting by ShippyCreations.
Special Guests Guerilla Burlesque and FacelessAPe Mefusula added lustre to an already startling musicial performance. Try to catch this show when it plays Idle Rogue again.
Special thanks to the production team mentioned above, to the Guerilla Burlesque dancers and their guests who volunteered to fill the empty spaces. You all rocked this show.

Friday, March 30, 2012

DeepSky Timeless leads the Return to Idle Rogue

DeepSky Timeless returns to Idle Rogue this weekend. His collaboration with Guerilla Burlesque last year resulted in some breathtaking concerts, and we are proud to present some highlights of the show in a re-introduction for 2012.

DeepSky Timeless is a writer and musician whose metal and prog-rock formed the backbone of the extremely popular virtual band Deep Sky Traveler. Deep's post-apocalyptic vision informs his music, and his sweeping soundscapes are profound, electrifying and flecked with wry humour. This is music you can only hear performed in Second Life, and features all the lights, dazzle, dance and spectacular you know to expect from an Idle Rogue production.

You are invited to dress in theme or just come along to witness just how good virtual entertainment can be. From 6pm, Saturday March 31st at Idle Rogue.

Stay connected for details of more of the very best of Second Life's musicians as they return to Idle Rogue and we get back to doing what we love best - live music. Let's rock!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Idle Rogue - March Renovations

New Resident HousesNew Resident Housing (Living Room)New Residents Housing (Bedroom)New Residents VillageLooking across the Green to Idle Rogue VillageIdle Rogue Station and Bridge
Idle Rogue from Joy Of SteampunkIdle Rogue's GrassboxIdle Rogue TerracesIdle Rogue AerialTram Station at Joy Of SteampunkBridge to Joy of Steampunk
Idle Rogue StationTram to Idle RogueTantricHell's ChairDeep Space

We have lots of lovely new builds and play spaces for you to see at Idle Rogue, and beautiful new living spaces for our New Residents