Wednesday, December 29, 2010

TwelveToEleven - 12 hours of the best rock on the grid, leading us up to New Year in Australia. Last change to the lineup (I hope) is POL Arida, taking the 2am slot. This show will rock \o/

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Our best wishes to all of you for the holiday season. Be well, be safe, be loved.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

TwelveToEleven - Happy New Year from Idle Rogue

Idle Rogue brings in the New Year on December 30th in SL, one of the few times the clock works in our favour. We have put together an awesome bill, featuring some of the best rock acts currently working the grid.

TwelveToEleven - Twelve hours of rock music to count us into 2011

The plan is to run two stages at opposite ends of the parcel, so that audiences simply have to turn around to get to the next act. This is twelve hours of busy, so if you have hosting experience and want to help out, please let me know.

The program:

at 5pm - StevenJaimz Hunniton, guitar maestro, brings his band and opens proceedings like a blister
at 6pm - High Voltage Entertainments' Nine Inch Nails Tribute show is SO good it made me forget my rule about tribute shows.
at 7.30pm - The great Anek Fuchs takes the stage for an hour of guitar worship
at 8.30 - Idle Rogue homeboy Bowie Bravin presents his top quality concert experience, the most original show on the grid
at 10pm - Edward Kyomoon presents slick and polished original rock and covers
at 11pm - CaseyFallen Popstar is new to SL but extremely well-known in the real world. We are honoured to be amongst the first stages he plays as part of his Second Life
at midnight - Original artist Richie Woodland debuts at Idle Rogue
at 1am - Original, articulate and an Idle Rogue favourite, Hazideon Zarco takes his usual position
at 2am - simply the most outstanding female performer on the grid, and possibly the best of either gender, JordanReyne Deezul presents her antipodean steampunk - folk metal? Or grunge sea shanties? Not to be missed!
at 3am - EAR Oh offers up the dark and wistful eye of the storm and
at 4am - Jimmyt49 Dukes puts the hammer to 2010 and rocks us into the New Year

Thursday, November 25, 2010

POL Arida covered at Idle Rogue - Sunday November 28th at 11am

COVERED is a concert event celebrating a single songwriter who performs in secondlife. Idle Rogue is delighted to present this three hour homage to the work of alternative legend POL Arida.

Performers also contribute one of their own original songs, making this event an excellent showcase of live original music in SL.

The schedule of contributing performers and their song choices is:

11:00 Brief Encounter - Lexie Luan and Zorch Boomhauer
11:10 Jane Goes - Nya Raymaker accompanied by Zorch
11:15 One and one original - Hazideon Zarco
11:30 Deathbed Lovesong and one original - CraigLyons Writer
11:45 Mother of Three - Lexie Luan
12:00 Get Out of Here and a surprise POL song - Deadeye Foggarty
12:15 Happy Go Lucky Girl and Love Confessions of a Serial Killer - Zorch Boomhauer
12:30 Welcome to Winter and one original - Grace McDunnough
12: 45 Catch the Wind and one original - Blindboy Gumbo
1:00 Winning and one original - Phemie Alcott
1:15 Passion and one original - strum Diesel

This will be followed by a performance from the great POL himself.
Hear POL Arida's works at

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The girls of Guerialla Burlesque, doing the thing they do so very well. Outta Idle Rogue, and across the grid, where will they strike next?

Much love to Ormand Lionheart for applying his brilliant mind to the sight of three girls on a bit of a lark.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Teaser: the new Idle Rogue

Okay, let's be honest here: I don't wanna change a thing. But I must. So here's a preview of the new build. If you fancy a looksee, IM me and I will haul you up.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Due to the unexpected and overwhelming response to the idea of Idle Rogue closing, I have made some adjustments, and we will continue to operate on a smaller scale.

I feel I must publicly and gratefully ackowledge the support you have all shown. Considerable amounts of money have been delivered to me, please know that I am holding these funds and considering the best way to use them for the benefit of Idle Rogue. The emotional support is something that cannot be measured and is held very dear. Thank you all.

Please read such information as is useful to you from the following:

What is Idle Rogue now?

Idle Rogue was established, and was always intended, as a community, centered around a place. It's focus has been music, nurture, and creativity, because those are the things I value.

I have said, repeatedly, there will always be an Idle Rogue. It will, as of the 19th of September, look different. It's operations will be scaled back somewhat, but it's potential remains the same.

.:: The things that have always happened at Idle Rogue will still happen::.
.:: The avatars who consider Idle Rogue to be their home will still have a home ::.
.:: The money and energy that goes comes to Idle Rogue will still be invested in Idle Rogue::.

What will it look like now?
From September 19th, Idle Rogue will be on a smaller parcel, and will still be part of the Viva La Glam sim.

Plans for the build, at the moment, are:

.:: A live music venue on the ground. This build has phantom walls, which will block out problems created by draw distance while still allowing avatars to walk in. The live music venue will include our new stage, which many of you have seen previewed over the last week.

.:: A hangout venue in the sky. This is a 50m x 50m box. Half will be my home and office, the other half houses a dancefloor, dj booth, lounges and a balcony. If prims allow, I may put a garden in too.

.:: A builder platform in the sky

Live music at Idle Rogue
Some of my favourite musicians have been very generous about offering their time to Idle Rogue on a continuing basis.

JordanReyne Deezul, Bowie Bravin, [engrama], kloose Fretwerk and EAR Oh will continue to play regular sets at Idle Rogue. Other artists may occasionally drop by because they enjoy your company. I would ask you, where possible, to support them and thank them, either by attendance or tips.

In all cases, tips should go to the performer in preference to the venue. Any tips that ARE directed to the venue will be collected in my alt's account, and when there are enough to pay for an event, we will have one :-)

Djs, Builders and Nomads
Where possible, I will try to continue operations at Idle Rogue as they have always been.

DJs - those who wish to continue to stream to Idle Rogue may do so. The rules that applied previously will still apply - be respectful of others, support your team members when you can, welcome anyone passing through, let me know if you are using the stream or the venue.

Builders - there will still be a platform on Idle Rogue for the use of content creators. Our prim limit will be half what it was, however, and you need to be mindful of this when planning a project. Persons wishing to build on Idle Rogue will still need a specific group tag and should IM me about that.

New Resident Assistance - this project, to my great sadness, will have to cease. However, new residents visit Viva La Glam every day. Please make them welcome, or refer them to me if you cannot. The 30 day rule, for the fanged, still applies.

Swirly Disco Flames Gallery - I am also saddened to announce that we will not be able to house the Swirly Disco Flames Gallery. Marnix Malifozik is a dear friend and a clever artist, and I very much regret losing his contribution to our environment.

The Beautiful Freaks and Guerilla Burlesque

As has been previously advised, The Beautiful Freaks Burlesque Circus has been absorbed into the Virtual Burlesque pool. Slappy Doobie will be contacting performers and audiences about those operations. I would like my Freaks to know that you still have the support of the Idle Rogue group, and of myself personally. Please contact me if there is anything I can do for you, at all.

The Guerilla Burlesque project is, at this stage, simply a game amongst friends. Because there is, now, an official Beautiful Freaks group, the tag has been changed, within the Idle Rogue group, to Guerilla Burlesque. It is very possible Guerilla Burlesque will get up to something, some time. But you will know all about that, if and when it happens.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Idle Rogue closes September 19

Idle Rogue will close on September 19. I know how much you all hate to read anything, so I have broken the news down in case you wish to know more.

I wish to be completely clear, and avoid any speculation: Idle Rogue is closing because I can no longer sustain it. The lesson is - if you like a place, support it.

What do I need to do?

If you have prims on Idle Rogue, please pick them up.They will be returned to your inventory on September19.

I will keep the name and the group Idle Rogue because I intend to use it again some day.The decision to stayor leave the group is yours, but I do not intend to issue any information for some time after September 19.This also applies to the subscription group.

The people who deserve to be thanked:

There are people who have consistently supported Idle Rogue in practical ways, and I would like to publicly acknowledge them: Jewellah Magic, Knowledge Tomorrow, Slappy Doobie begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting, Else Barnard begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting, JordanReyne Deezul and Tilly Theas.

I would also like to thank the following performers, who gave freely of their time to Idle Rogue: Bowie Bravin, EAR Oh, Nohj Martinek, KC Copperfield, [engrama], Loreen Aldrin, and kloose Fretwerk.

In addition, I would like to thank the performers who have graced our stage, the DJs who shared their love of music with us, and of course, my Beautiful Freaks.

What Next:

I have also retired from professional dancing, and for the same reason. In a tips-based world, the audience is the umpire, and I am happy to accept the decision. I am not someone who can simply sit around in SL soaking up the entertainment other people have paid for, so I expect there will be new plans sometime - but not soon.There will always be an Idle Rogue. But for the next chapter, it will simply be a home.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Idle Rogue rocks the grid!

So many cool things to look forward to in the coming weeks at Idle Rogue.

August 27 - Idle Rogue favourites Deep Sky Traveler return for their once-a-month asskicking live show.

September 3 - The Beautiful Freaks Burlesque Circus is one year old! To celebrate, we are paying tribute to cultural prodigy Tim Burton, with a full complement of performers all bending their own creative will to Burton's.

September 3 - DoctorGrim Frequency takes over the decks at Underground Freaks. Grim is a redhot dj who, Original Rogues will remember, mixes fresh and light. He will be a perfect fit in the fabulous Underground.

September 10 - we are proud and delighted to have been asked to host the launch for Jordan Reyne's new video for her popular song "The Brave". You know this must involve the incredible stage production of Slappy Doobie, so it is sure to be a cool night, full of amazing sound and vision.

We have added 100% live band [engrama] to the weekly lineup of performers, and they will appear on a double bill with JordanReyne Deezul from 3am Tuesday mornings slt.

Ongoing, we have nightly DJs, burlesque events four times a week and ongoing live appearances by JordanReyne Deezul, EAR Oh, Hazideon Zarco, Guitar Zane, Anek Fuchs, and of course, our favourite rock star Bowie Bravin.

It's a great time to be an Idle Rogue :-)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Blitz boots! O-M-G!

Slappy Doobie's making boots. If you haven't seen me prancing about in 'em and raving on about my love for them. She put them on xstreet today. Soooo many colours ... soooo elegant. I like to dollycam mine so I can watch the texture. Yes. It is that good. Go buy!

Slappy Doobie on xstreetsl

It's ART!

Our artist in (kind of) residence, Marnix Malifozik, has a display at the Shoe Fair. Now... we love Marnix. And we love shoes. So I am in favour of a visit to the Shoe Fair, just in a support capacity for Swirly Disco Flames @ Idle Rogue, you understand (pssst take lots of lindens. But not all of your shoe budget, cus I happen to know there is a hot new shoe designer about to open her doors on Viva La Glam).

On the subject of Marnix, he very graciously provided Idle Rogue with a backdrop for the main stage. In fact, he gave me six to choose from. If this were a democracy, I'd have left it open for you all to help me choose ... but you do all know it's not a democracy, right? ;-D

And so I present our new backdrop, which I think represents us very well. Audiences at shows can click on the backdrop to be teleported to the gallery (where you can still hear the music), so please encourage people to drop by Swirly Disco Flames @ Idle Rogue.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Liquid Light at Swirly Disco Flames

A newly released collection can be found at Swirly Disco Flames.

It's a little different to my usual stuff, so feedback gratefully received :)

I do hope I am allowed to post this sort of thing on here. Chry gave me access, so I guess she knew what she was doing.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Firstly i would like to introduce myself and tell you a little about my past few mths in this strange place they call Second Life.

I came into this world on december 23rd 2009, i had no idea what to expect or what i was doing but i did know i was just going to be me.
I was lucky enough though to start the day after my RL partner Budley Stoanes who took me over to the Australian sim where i was introduced to Tilly Theas and some other great people there. Tilly then took me over to meet Chryblnd Scribe of Idle Rogue, she was so nice and friendly they took me in and i lived in one of the 5 week rent free apartments they have for n00bs.
Most people find their niche or something in SL and move on but always come back to visit, i found mine it was Idle Rogue, it was helping the new n00bs who come through with finding freebies and making them feel like family as Chry, Tilly, Slappy and all the IR crew made me feel. Chry has done so much for me and she has been one of the people i have come to class as a great friend and mentor, if it wasn't for her i wouldn't be were i am today.

Which brings me to how i got here today writing this little note of mine...

Chry offered me not only a job as a burlesque dancer in the circus (which by the way i jump at the chance) she also noticed somthing in me with the way i spoke to and understood the new people so she offered me the role of n00b liasion. That made me feel so happy that she trusted me enough to give me what i class as an important role within Idle Rogue.

So being a great Noob Liasion i needed to find ll things free and lot's of them, SL shopping took over and i found a whole bunch of free stuff, some good and some bad. I have collected Landmarks and notecards for everything from hair, shoes, clothes to Furniture, party decorations and even what groups to join to get free gifts.

So today i would just like to mention a couple of freebie places for men and women for Clothes, skins etc.

The Free Dove - you can get some nice stuff from here.... clothing, skin, shapes, shoes, hair etc

Hyles Region- have everything set out so you can go from shop to shop finding shoes, clothes, AO's etc

The Fabulous Free group and Headquarters - also a good way to get great gifts from top designers and the group chat is great with a great bunch of people.

Some free Animation overrides can be found at:
Adi cat Designs
Bright Corporation

Analog Dog- My favourite hair is from Analog dog they have 5 free hairs in a glowing ball on the beach.
Fujiyama Geisha & Samurai - nice japanese inspired hair.
Saviour hair- All hairs here are supplied by well known designers and all are either free or $1L.

Icing (found in the far corner of the store)
Lunas Boutique (found upstairs)
CCD- Caithlin Carter Designs - have free avitar kits for ppl 30 days and under

Next time i will add some pics and the best groups to join.

untill then stay safe and remember SHOP LOT'S AND SHOP HARD

Monday, June 28, 2010

The History Of Idle Rogue - Part Four

The Yeonghuengdo sim, and particularly the sim's manager, Dave Koi, were very good to us. From building my first landmark giver, to covering my ass when connection issues prevented me from getting live musicians sorted, Dave was always available and always helpful. And every time I cried "I need more prims!", somehow, he found them for me. We loved the rolling hills of Yeo, and I thought I would never leave them.

In March 2010 we staged a major production - Bowie Bravin vs The Beautiful Freaks (see the video here). Working with singer and lyricist Bowie Bravin over several months, we put together a stunning show that featured dance interpretations by The Beautiful Freaks on a purpose-built exploding stage by Slappy Doobie. The show, while not financially successful, was beautifully done and extremely popular. And it became obvious that The Beautiful Freaks could draw an audience - if we had the capacity. Yeo, with its' limit of 40 avatars, could hold us back.

Serendipitously, Slappy Doobie completed the acquisition of one half of the Viva La Glam sim, and began to consolidate her two holdings - DecoRetropia and Digital Vixens - onto one sim. The natural focus would be burlesque ... and Idle Rogue's main source of income and attention was burlesque. Within days of Slappy taking up her Viva La Glam holding, the other half became vacant, and the decision to move Idle Rogue was an easy one.

On the 21st of May, 2010, Idle Rogue took its' place on the home of virtual burlesque, and the future began.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

All Things In Passing

In March 2010, The Beautiful Freaks collaborated with vocalist Bowie Bravin to present a two hour dance spectacular interpreting Bowie's music.
This video is FuzonAcid's(Ormand Lionheart) video of the show. Enjoy ... and keep an eye out for the touring version of the show Bowie Bravin vs The Beautiful Freaks

Loreen Aldrin at Idle Rogue - Supergirl

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Follow at Idle Rogue

Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of the Idle Rogues, we will be presenting The Follow live on July 2 at 4am, following JordanReyne Deezul at 3am.

The Follow are a three piece outfit presenting original tracks and they have a mass of loyal fans worldwide. They are getting up very early to meet some Australians, so make sure you save that date!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The History Of Idle Rogue Part Three

The Beautiful Freaks Burlesque Circus was born in September of 2009.

I loved my work in traditional burlesque, but increasingly I wanted to work with non-traditional musical genres. I am a rock chick, and it occurred to me that people might enjoy a show that combined the growing skills of the Virtual Burlesque team with a modern, dark carnival ethic. I had visions of presenting an "arena" type show on the Idle Rogue stage, but in acquiring the extra prims necessary, I acquired a little more physical space. Searching for props at (*chanimations, we found the Circus tent, and everything simply fell into place.

The team of Beautiful Freaks included some of Idle Rogue's staunchest supporters - the incredibly talented Slappy Doobie and her partner, Ellie Criss, Jewellah Magic, Tilly Theas, Katherine Burkett, Madb Muircastle, Knowledge Tomorrow, Else Barnard and Sabina Pinion have all given their total love and support from the very first day. In the months since then, Madison Pinelli, Flidais Etchegaray, oOTWITCH JigsawOo, Alexis Direwytch, Purple Direwytch, Budley Stoanes, Endo Devin, Zabet Weatherwax and Boo Eberhardt have brought their creative talents to the ring.

The Beautiful Freaks Burlesque Circus now runs every friday at 7pm, and draws a solid audience every week. They saved Idle Rogue, injecting it with new blood and a fresh purpose. Their presence on Idle Rogue draws some of Second Life's most interesting avatars to us, and across the months, the Beautiful Freaks have grown into a loose, loving, crazy family, whose home is Idle Rogue.

Idle Rogue - Beautiful Freaks Circus (exterior)

The History Of Idle Rogue Part Two

The Idle Rogues

Taking the lessons learned from Idle Rogue Live, yop commenced the build of the Idle Rogue best known to Second Life. We wanted a stage adequate for any kind of performance. We wanted a big roomy dancefloor. We wanted it to look unlike any other venue.

Yopilax Jigsaw is a gifted content creator. He took the words I typed and drew forth the building I wanted, and Idle Rogue commenced hosting regular live performances. Artists who have performed there include FacelessAPe Mefusula, AMforte Clarity, Starflower Orbit, JimmyT49 Dukes, LANCE Rembrandt, EAR Oh, Gabryel Nyoki, Bowie Bravin, Shane Kirschner, Armin Finesmith, Strummer Vultee, Loreen Aldrin, Deep Sky Traveler, JordanReyne Deezul and the great Kiplan Carlyle.

In July of 2009, First Life took some storms, and as a result, the course of Idle Rogue changed in subtle ways. Yop left Second Life, and his influence on the buildings grew fainter. Idle Rogue was no longer able to afford the fees required by live performers, so the weekly gigs dwindled down. Kiplan Carlyle imploded, and in the aftermath of that, kloose Fretwerk arrived. DJs took the place of live music to a large extent. And The Beautiful Freaks arrived to save the day.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The story of Idle Rogue - Part One

Postcard from Second Life.
It began because I fancied I would be a builder. It began because my then SLove, yopilax Jigsaw was a builder, and it began because my FL friend Knowledge Tomorrow lived on a wtf sim named Yeongheungdo. We moved into Yeo in November of 2008.

Idle Rogue was named for yop, whose rogue tendencies are well known on many forums. The name came, and it stuck. At first it was a pavilion amongst the trees, a place for us to hang out, build and listen to music.

And then I saw JimmyT49 Dukes play the blues in Second Life. At that time, yop was finding the time he spent in SL was taking a toll on his FL, and he began to spend less time inworld. I needed a project, so I put in a platform to stage party. I watched JimmyT49 do his thing on another sim and thought (as so many of us do) "I wanna host live performers!".

Our "opening" gig was a 12 hour music festival. Kahless Unplugged and I scoured the grid for the artists we considered truly talented, and yop and I collaboratively built a stage and rigging. I had no idea how to set a stream, booked artists didn't show up or showed up at the wrong time, the stage disappeared from under Digby Smalls' feet ... but I was hooked. Naive ... and totally hooked.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Welcome to Idle Rogue


So much happens at Idle Rogue. And the Idle Rogues are so loyal. It's more than time we had a blog of our own. I am hoping it will be more than just me posting to it, though no doubt I will have to crack the whip to prise a post out of anyone (even myself). Welcome to Idle Rogue. If you've not been, come by. Or stay tuned for the stories and the personalities that make it what it is.