Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The story of Idle Rogue - Part One

Postcard from Second Life.
It began because I fancied I would be a builder. It began because my then SLove, yopilax Jigsaw was a builder, and it began because my FL friend Knowledge Tomorrow lived on a wtf sim named Yeongheungdo. We moved into Yeo in November of 2008.

Idle Rogue was named for yop, whose rogue tendencies are well known on many forums. The name came, and it stuck. At first it was a pavilion amongst the trees, a place for us to hang out, build and listen to music.

And then I saw JimmyT49 Dukes play the blues in Second Life. At that time, yop was finding the time he spent in SL was taking a toll on his FL, and he began to spend less time inworld. I needed a project, so I put in a platform to stage party. I watched JimmyT49 do his thing on another sim and thought (as so many of us do) "I wanna host live performers!".

Our "opening" gig was a 12 hour music festival. Kahless Unplugged and I scoured the grid for the artists we considered truly talented, and yop and I collaboratively built a stage and rigging. I had no idea how to set a stream, booked artists didn't show up or showed up at the wrong time, the stage disappeared from under Digby Smalls' feet ... but I was hooked. Naive ... and totally hooked.

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