Monday, June 28, 2010

The History Of Idle Rogue - Part Four

The Yeonghuengdo sim, and particularly the sim's manager, Dave Koi, were very good to us. From building my first landmark giver, to covering my ass when connection issues prevented me from getting live musicians sorted, Dave was always available and always helpful. And every time I cried "I need more prims!", somehow, he found them for me. We loved the rolling hills of Yeo, and I thought I would never leave them.

In March 2010 we staged a major production - Bowie Bravin vs The Beautiful Freaks (see the video here). Working with singer and lyricist Bowie Bravin over several months, we put together a stunning show that featured dance interpretations by The Beautiful Freaks on a purpose-built exploding stage by Slappy Doobie. The show, while not financially successful, was beautifully done and extremely popular. And it became obvious that The Beautiful Freaks could draw an audience - if we had the capacity. Yeo, with its' limit of 40 avatars, could hold us back.

Serendipitously, Slappy Doobie completed the acquisition of one half of the Viva La Glam sim, and began to consolidate her two holdings - DecoRetropia and Digital Vixens - onto one sim. The natural focus would be burlesque ... and Idle Rogue's main source of income and attention was burlesque. Within days of Slappy taking up her Viva La Glam holding, the other half became vacant, and the decision to move Idle Rogue was an easy one.

On the 21st of May, 2010, Idle Rogue took its' place on the home of virtual burlesque, and the future began.

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