Monday, August 8, 2011

This week on Idle Rogue

:::::Tuesday August 9th
12am - Curti5 Rexen (DJ)
2am - Hazideon Zarco (LIVE)

5pm - DJ Kloose Fretwerk
7pm - The Freak Show - DJ Cboy & his Sexy Sidekick Scarlett

:::::Wednesday August 10th - Zoffee Loring presents

:::::Thursday August 11th
12am - Thursday Theme -Pyjama Party - DJ - Curti5 Rexen

:::::Friday August 12th
1am - Mel Cheeky (LIVE)
2am - JordanReyne Deezul (LIVE)
3am - AdamHoek Resident (LIVE)
4am - DJ Budley Stoanes
6am - DJ - Kobi Vlodovic

7pm - RileyHudsonWolf Resident (LIVE)
8pm - Bowie Bravin (LIVE)
9pm - JimmyT49 Dukes (LIVE)

:::::Saturday August 13th
12am (that's midnight on Friday night) - Guerilla Burlesque

:::::Sunday August 14th
1am - Tukso Okey (LIVE)

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We will commence classes in Basic Skills for New Residents and Event Hosting next week, with other courses to come. If you would like to attend or teach a course, please IM chryblnd Scribe