Monday, April 13, 2015

After Dark on Idle Rogue - it's happening

photo by chryblnd Scribe
The big announcement today on chryblnd Scribe's blog was that two of live entertainment's favourite venues - Idle Rogue and After Dark - are coming together to form a new community based around their merged interests and styles. That's us!

Both entities will continue to function much as they have, catering to their specific audiences as they have always done, but there are plans to add in new events and expand others. "We think After Dark on Idle Rogue can be the leading live entertainment sim in Second Life," chry says.

" After Dark run a stylish and cool live music venue, where the attention to detail is perfect. They treat their musicians well, establishing productive relationships, nurturing their talent and promoting their endeavours. They treat the fans well, providing a warm and inclusive atmosphere in which to enjoy performances. So for Idle Rogue, this means we get live music run by people who care at the same high standard we do, " Scribe tells her blog audience. "I am beyond excited, and I hope you guys will make yourselves part of the new and vibrant community that can grow around this fusion of music and dance."

She also announced plans to move the "Mayfair" environment, built by Gloriana Maertens, down to ground level as a home for Arrehn Oberlander's Metaharper Interactive Stages. These stages are a "push-button" interactive experience. Professional dancers have taken some of their best-loved works and made them accessible to everyone. You simply select the act you want to take part in, press the panel, and the entire stage set rezzes. Hop on the poseball and wait for the music to begin. This has been a very popular activity on the sim and is expected to grow as people learn what it does. It is currently housed in the Acuo Theatre, but will be permanently housed and expanded in coming months.

photo by Imrhien Fargis
"What we are doing on Idle Rogue - with the generous help of Meegan Danitz and Arrehn Oberlander - is consolidating the resources of three separate entities. While the Metaharpers are a separate and very well-defined group, with their own set of interests, many of them are an integral and valued part of the Idle Rogue ecosystem. We hope the same will prove true for the After Dark community," Chryblnd Scribe says, noting that the Metaharpers intend to maintain their current grid presence. "We think exciting times are ahead, as we build a strong and really dynamic sim that benefits everyone attached to it."

After Dark will start operating from Idle Rogue as of April 20th.