Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Auditions opening for a new Idle Rogue production!

Produced by Guerilla Burlesque (SL) and Idle Rogue, Le Cirque de Nuit will be a brand new concept show based very loosely on Erin Morgenstern's novel, The Night Circus.
We will be auditioning acts for this production, scheduled to open late January, and we encourage potential dancers to submit a concept for audition as follows:

  • Your act must be suitable for a Victorian or steampunk circus, and should focus on magical, illusion and/or exotic. We will consider dance acts, but we also want illusionists, acrobats, contortionists, animal tamers, trapeze artists and similar
  • Your act must be set and costumed entirely in black, white, and grey. You can use any flesh, black, white, or grey skin, and any hair colour. Props including animals should be within the colour palette. Avatars, costumes, props and equipment must be of very high quality and realism.
  • You must be willing to work with the production team to ensure your act is of very high quality, including preferably allowing the staging team to rez your sets and equipment to ensure a tight and fast flowing production.

IMPORTANT: Please do not purchase or build equipment for this production until your audition has been approved.

Additionally, please note that we are not seeking to recreate The Night Circus, and will not be filling roles from the book. This production is an homage that imagines if that circus existed and how it would play, but you do not need to have read the book to participate.

You can present your concept by notecard to Chryblnd Scribe inworld or Word document attached to email - Please include links to music and costumes and a short description of what your act would be and what (if any) experience you have had with dance entertainment in the virtual world of Second Life.

Please submit your concept by December 13th, 2013,and be ready to audition on or around December 28th.

These auditions are open to any Second Life Resident as invited by our selection panel, and their decision will be final.

We are very keen to encourage auditions from across the grid. Please contact chryblnd Scribe by email - - or inworld IM if you have any queries, our plan is to help as much as possible so that we get the very best acts for this production.

We have an FAQ notecard, some costume ideas and more information available inworld on request. Please do not send offline IMs, use notecards or email to avoid your message being lost.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

It's Halloween!

Still scraping the playa dust from our parched skins, Guerilla Burlesque head back to their home in the Acuo Theatre on Idle Rogue just in time for our favourite season - Halloween.

Because of our commitment to Burn2 this year, we limited the number of Guerilla Burlesque shows to just the one at midnight just as Halloween starts (31st October). There have been a few sallies, including stellar work from SexyS, Shippy and new dancer Deb Heron.

But the big show will be on Thursday, and we hope you can stay up late enough to come and see us.

Don't forget, too, the parcel gets a little makeover for Halloween. Last year we loved the build so much we kept it, but this year we're featuring a simple but elegant graveyard for you to romp around.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Burn 2 Roguery is alight!

Idle Rogue's base at the virtual Burning Man Festival (Burn 2) opens tonight with a concert from live rock and blues performer Tukso Okey at midnight. The festival runs from noon on October 19th til midnight on October 27th.

Throughout the week we will have dance shows, DJs and the cream of live music performing as our gift to Burn2.

Photographs and Art from Idle Rogues will also be displayed, including the Shippy Creations designed observation tower, providing the very best view of the remarkable Burn 2 sims.

Idle Rogues can and should use the camp as their home on the Playa, but all are welcome to drop by, tune in, and start a little burn for your soul.

IM chryblnd Scribe for a schedule of events, which will include performances from Darkshore, Jordan Reyne, Mulder Watts, Pol Arida, DeepSky Timeless and the divas of Guerilla Burlesque.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Idle Rogue Sky Village 2013

Idle Rogue Sky Village 2013 (a set on Flickr)
Opening May 15th with a concert event featuring Tukso Okey and Dragonfly, Idle Rogue's Sky Village is a consolidation of various workspaces that had been scattered throughout the sky.
Creator and Designer Shippy Creations worked with chryblnd Scribe to realise a fantasy village, part Metrica Province, part Pandora and with a dash of Westeros.
The village houses builder platform, photo studio, and rehearsal stages for Guerilla Burlesque as well as an office for Idle Rogue productions and a spectacular ballroom originally designed for Jordan Reyne.
Stepping stone paths join several of the sky islands, while others float independent and provise quiet contemplative areas. The entire village is intended to combine the Idle Rogue's love of pretty things with functional and elegant working platforms.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

12 great reason to be an Idle Rogue

2013 is shaping up to be a great year to be an Idle Rogue. Thanks to the generous support of Cait, Zelana and Theira, we have a beautiful sim with lots of activities booked to keep you entertained. We are almost 600 members strong, and we have lots more great plans in the works. See you on Idle Rogue!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Residents back at Idle Rogue

We are delighted to welcome MissElinorDashwood as our co-ordinator for the New Resident Village. Most regulars will know Ellie, she's a great personality and will be a real bonus to the Idle Rogue team. She's also a former Idle Rogue Noob!

The following information might be useful to those who meet new residents:

>>>> Are you new to Second Life (Under 30 days old)?
>>>>>> Finding the learning curve too steep?
>>>>>>>> Just wanna meet some people?

Idle Rogue houses new residents (up to five at a time). We provide free furnished accommodation for a maximum of five weeks, during which time new residents (less than thirty days old) are encouraged to learn basic skills and meet and interact with more experienced users. The simple apartments are designed to reinforce acquired skills and interaction. The events and continual traffic on the sim provide a great opportunity to meet and mingle.

New users are also offered opportunities to advance in an area of interest, including content creation and employment opportunities. Idle Rogue features build spaces and classes where there is enough demand, and we can recommend you to other resources you might be able to use.

We hold regular entertainment events, including dance shows, DJ parties and live music concerts.

* Pay NO RENT for five weeks from date of lease
* You may have up to 50 primitives (prims) on the land at one time.
* You must tell us if you no longer need the cottage
* You must leave your cottage when the 5 weeks are up, as the Village is for New Residents only. You're always welcome on the sim and we will assist you if you need to look for other accommodation


chryblnd Scribe
Knowledge Tomorrow

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Live Music kickoff for 2013

Idle Rogue is pleased to announce we are resuming our live music calendar for 2013, commencing with Saintess Larnia at 2am on Friday January 25th. We are also looking forward to Jordan Reyne's return on February 2nd. DeepSky Timeless will resume his immersive stage productions in February, and we are negotiating with all the favourites to get them back for your entertainment.

We are currently talking to sponsors who are interested in donating to support the live music program, and are also seeking information from Idle Rogue residents, followers and group members  about the kind of musicians you are interested in having perform.

If you are thinking of suggesting live musicians, please keep the following in mind:
  • We are an alternative music venue. We prefer original music from most genres. We do book very high quality cover artists who do alternative material, and DJs, stage productions and tribute shows are other facets of our operations
  • Management has final say on performers booked for Idle Rogue and quality is absolutely a factor
  •  Anonymous donations towards fees can be paid to avatar Saturday Melody
We are also very interested in sourcing a dance/trance/dnb DJ for a specific project. Alternative and indie DJs who are interested in building up a regular event are also encouraged to contact chryblnd Scribe.

Finally we are very saddened to announce that we have been unable to find a coordinator for the New Resident Village program. It's not too late to enquire about running this project, but it is very likely we will close this program down if there really is no-one with time to manage it.

Please contact chryblnd Scribe if you wish to enquire about anything Rogue, or email us at

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Guest Post - Azabella Alamar: That Moment

ChryBlonde Scribe - captured by Chewie Quixote

**Cross referenced fromAzzy's Place**

You've had a long day at work, your feet ache...not to mention  your eyes are tired of staring at the computer screen for hours on end. You've decided to go out tonight, enjoy some free time, after all it is the weekend. Clubbing is fun the first few times you go after that it's the same thing. Giggly DJ's, some that like to talk over the songs, especially the ones you love. So, mentally you've crossed that off your list of things to do tonight. Then a friend mentions going to a show. The idea teases at you for a moment, as  you imagine the screen with the same ole hmmm huh movies. Then your friend ends up nudging you and saying no, not a movie, but a live show. Your ears perk even more at the sound of this, now your friend has your full attention. A dance show you say, from there your friend grabs you by the hand and drags you with them on the "limo" that was sent to pick them up....

                  Reaching the theater you're looking around, everyone is dressed top notch, from gowns to tuxes, which of course makes you look down at yourself to make sure you won't stand out too much. Deciding you look decent enough you are promptly greeted with a "welcome" by the hostess. Looking up at her you know this will be something different than the usual drone show. She has that sparkle of excitement in her eyes and the stunning smile to go with it. Nodding in return at the hostess and giving her a shy smile you sit down and wait for the show to start. As you listen to the chatter around, you can see the playful banter from the regulars towards one another and can't help but to giggle at some of the remarks yourself. You can see the flutter of the curtain as the dancer behind is trying to make any last minute adjustments to their sets, you start to feel the excitement of the theater build as the time draws close to starting...

                  Just at that moment the DJ cues up the intro, and a stunning strawberry blonde stands in front of the stage, taking the mic as the music plays she announces, "Welcome to Guerilla Burlesque"... as she speaks your head tilts and you listen intently to what she is saying. Glancing at the gold urns on either side of her a moment then back on her as she finishes her opening speech. You watch her as she moves away from the mic and back to her seat and the intro song ends. You see the curtain start to raise as the next song starts and you're instantly mesmerized....

                 This is how I felt the first time I tp'ed to Idle Rogue. I was shy, quiet though I didn't have a friend to tp me to the show, I imagined this is how it would have felt. I was drawn into each and every act that night and felt the rush of the crowd around me. I decided that, I wanted to do the same thing. I knew I could figure out how to do things in SL, after all my first Guerilla Burlesque show I attended was only two days new to Second Life. I didn't own a dance, let alone know how to build. But that draw of the dance was strong. Hanging around for a few weeks Diawa decided that she was going to get to know this quiet stranger that refused to "touch my butt" at her simple demand. She was gracious enough to show me some of the ins and outs of dancing and we worked hard together to put together an hour long Halloween show.  I'll be honest, we worked ourselves to the point of we did the show is beyond me. But, in her eyes that was the biggest train wreck of her dancing career. For me, it was the doorway to prove we could do better and I pushed myself after that show to prove it.

                Now, I'm that dancer sweating behind the curtain, palms sweaty, heart racing and praying that everything goes as perfect as planned. So far, I've been lucky and only had one act that didn't go as planned. And, it's OK it didn't. I wasn't upset, I knew from Diawa, that this was going to happen at some point. She made sure that I learned the hard lesson long before the rewards...dancing is more than just the song and costume choice...not to mention the set. It's an outlet and expression for that person's interpretation of the song they chose. Sometimes the meaning is hidden and if you look close enough and listen to the words of the song, the concept will light up brighter than the sun....this is why I dance...complete and utter expression...and with that I'll leave you to your thoughts and hope to see you at the next show...

                                           Azabella Alamar performs with Guerilla Burlesque on Fridays at mdnight on Idle Rogue

Guerilla Burlesque nominated in 2012 Dance Queen Awards

The nominations for the 2012 Dance Queens Awards have been announced. Congratulations to the following memebers of the Guerilla Burlesque team:

Choreography to a Specific Song - Perky Baxton
Choreography to a specific tempo - Chewie Quixote
Choreography in a video - Chewie Quixote, Perky Baxton
Choreography in a show - Sho Kyong
Choreography with emoting - SaphyreNight, SexyS Quintessa
Non-Dance Choreography - Knowledge Tomorrow
Set Design (Burlesque) - SexyS Quintessa, Sho Kyong
Best Costumes (Production Show) - Guerilla Burlesque - Time (The Benefit for Guardian Spirit)
Best Costume (Burlesque) - SexyS Quintessa
Best Costumes for a dance video - Guerilla Burlesque
Dance Publicity (Graphic) - chryblnd Scribe
Dance Publicity (Video) - Perky Baxton
Dance Club - Acuo
Dance Ball - Idle Rogue
Dance Theatre - Acuo
Show Theatre - Acuo
Ballet Dancer - Thea Dee
Burlesque Dancer - Perky Baxton, SexyS Quintessa, Sho Kyong
Couples Dancers - Kiriam MacIntyre and Maxmum Panache
Dancer Of The Year - SexyS Quintessa, Chewie Quixote
Dance Group - Guerilla Burlesque
Dance Show (Musical Selection) - Guerilla Burlesque
Best Director - chryblnd Scribe
Dance Show of the Year - Guerilla Burlesque Christmas Revue

Congratulations also to our friends:
▬ Racheal Young for Best Dance Equipment
▬ A&M Mocap for several Beast Dance Animation nominations
▬ Diawa Bellic - Choreography to a spcific song, Choreography to a Tempo, Best Hip-Hop Dancer, Dancer Of The Year

Members of the Dance Queens group can vote using the form on their blog. Good luck to our Guerillas, and thank you, with all our hearts, to the fans who nominated us!