Sunday, January 20, 2013

Guerilla Burlesque nominated in 2012 Dance Queen Awards

The nominations for the 2012 Dance Queens Awards have been announced. Congratulations to the following memebers of the Guerilla Burlesque team:

Choreography to a Specific Song - Perky Baxton
Choreography to a specific tempo - Chewie Quixote
Choreography in a video - Chewie Quixote, Perky Baxton
Choreography in a show - Sho Kyong
Choreography with emoting - SaphyreNight, SexyS Quintessa
Non-Dance Choreography - Knowledge Tomorrow
Set Design (Burlesque) - SexyS Quintessa, Sho Kyong
Best Costumes (Production Show) - Guerilla Burlesque - Time (The Benefit for Guardian Spirit)
Best Costume (Burlesque) - SexyS Quintessa
Best Costumes for a dance video - Guerilla Burlesque
Dance Publicity (Graphic) - chryblnd Scribe
Dance Publicity (Video) - Perky Baxton
Dance Club - Acuo
Dance Ball - Idle Rogue
Dance Theatre - Acuo
Show Theatre - Acuo
Ballet Dancer - Thea Dee
Burlesque Dancer - Perky Baxton, SexyS Quintessa, Sho Kyong
Couples Dancers - Kiriam MacIntyre and Maxmum Panache
Dancer Of The Year - SexyS Quintessa, Chewie Quixote
Dance Group - Guerilla Burlesque
Dance Show (Musical Selection) - Guerilla Burlesque
Best Director - chryblnd Scribe
Dance Show of the Year - Guerilla Burlesque Christmas Revue

Congratulations also to our friends:
▬ Racheal Young for Best Dance Equipment
▬ A&M Mocap for several Beast Dance Animation nominations
▬ Diawa Bellic - Choreography to a spcific song, Choreography to a Tempo, Best Hip-Hop Dancer, Dancer Of The Year

Members of the Dance Queens group can vote using the form on their blog. Good luck to our Guerillas, and thank you, with all our hearts, to the fans who nominated us!

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