Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Live Music kickoff for 2013

Idle Rogue is pleased to announce we are resuming our live music calendar for 2013, commencing with Saintess Larnia at 2am on Friday January 25th. We are also looking forward to Jordan Reyne's return on February 2nd. DeepSky Timeless will resume his immersive stage productions in February, and we are negotiating with all the favourites to get them back for your entertainment.

We are currently talking to sponsors who are interested in donating to support the live music program, and are also seeking information from Idle Rogue residents, followers and group members  about the kind of musicians you are interested in having perform.

If you are thinking of suggesting live musicians, please keep the following in mind:
  • We are an alternative music venue. We prefer original music from most genres. We do book very high quality cover artists who do alternative material, and DJs, stage productions and tribute shows are other facets of our operations
  • Management has final say on performers booked for Idle Rogue and quality is absolutely a factor
  •  Anonymous donations towards fees can be paid to avatar Saturday Melody
We are also very interested in sourcing a dance/trance/dnb DJ for a specific project. Alternative and indie DJs who are interested in building up a regular event are also encouraged to contact chryblnd Scribe.

Finally we are very saddened to announce that we have been unable to find a coordinator for the New Resident Village program. It's not too late to enquire about running this project, but it is very likely we will close this program down if there really is no-one with time to manage it.

Please contact chryblnd Scribe if you wish to enquire about anything Rogue, or email us at idlerogue@gmail.com

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