Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Idle Rogue rocks the grid!

So many cool things to look forward to in the coming weeks at Idle Rogue.

August 27 - Idle Rogue favourites Deep Sky Traveler return for their once-a-month asskicking live show.

September 3 - The Beautiful Freaks Burlesque Circus is one year old! To celebrate, we are paying tribute to cultural prodigy Tim Burton, with a full complement of performers all bending their own creative will to Burton's.

September 3 - DoctorGrim Frequency takes over the decks at Underground Freaks. Grim is a redhot dj who, Original Rogues will remember, mixes fresh and light. He will be a perfect fit in the fabulous Underground.

September 10 - we are proud and delighted to have been asked to host the launch for Jordan Reyne's new video for her popular song "The Brave". You know this must involve the incredible stage production of Slappy Doobie, so it is sure to be a cool night, full of amazing sound and vision.

We have added 100% live band [engrama] to the weekly lineup of performers, and they will appear on a double bill with JordanReyne Deezul from 3am Tuesday mornings slt.

Ongoing, we have nightly DJs, burlesque events four times a week and ongoing live appearances by JordanReyne Deezul, EAR Oh, Hazideon Zarco, Guitar Zane, Anek Fuchs, and of course, our favourite rock star Bowie Bravin.

It's a great time to be an Idle Rogue :-)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Blitz boots! O-M-G!

Slappy Doobie's making boots. If you haven't seen me prancing about in 'em and raving on about my love for them. She put them on xstreet today. Soooo many colours ... soooo elegant. I like to dollycam mine so I can watch the texture. Yes. It is that good. Go buy!

Slappy Doobie on xstreetsl

It's ART!

Our artist in (kind of) residence, Marnix Malifozik, has a display at the Shoe Fair. Now... we love Marnix. And we love shoes. So I am in favour of a visit to the Shoe Fair, just in a support capacity for Swirly Disco Flames @ Idle Rogue, you understand (pssst take lots of lindens. But not all of your shoe budget, cus I happen to know there is a hot new shoe designer about to open her doors on Viva La Glam).

On the subject of Marnix, he very graciously provided Idle Rogue with a backdrop for the main stage. In fact, he gave me six to choose from. If this were a democracy, I'd have left it open for you all to help me choose ... but you do all know it's not a democracy, right? ;-D

And so I present our new backdrop, which I think represents us very well. Audiences at shows can click on the backdrop to be teleported to the gallery (where you can still hear the music), so please encourage people to drop by Swirly Disco Flames @ Idle Rogue.