Sunday, August 8, 2010

It's ART!

Our artist in (kind of) residence, Marnix Malifozik, has a display at the Shoe Fair. Now... we love Marnix. And we love shoes. So I am in favour of a visit to the Shoe Fair, just in a support capacity for Swirly Disco Flames @ Idle Rogue, you understand (pssst take lots of lindens. But not all of your shoe budget, cus I happen to know there is a hot new shoe designer about to open her doors on Viva La Glam).

On the subject of Marnix, he very graciously provided Idle Rogue with a backdrop for the main stage. In fact, he gave me six to choose from. If this were a democracy, I'd have left it open for you all to help me choose ... but you do all know it's not a democracy, right? ;-D

And so I present our new backdrop, which I think represents us very well. Audiences at shows can click on the backdrop to be teleported to the gallery (where you can still hear the music), so please encourage people to drop by Swirly Disco Flames @ Idle Rogue.

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