Sunday, May 12, 2013

Idle Rogue Sky Village 2013

Idle Rogue Sky Village 2013 (a set on Flickr)
Opening May 15th with a concert event featuring Tukso Okey and Dragonfly, Idle Rogue's Sky Village is a consolidation of various workspaces that had been scattered throughout the sky.
Creator and Designer Shippy Creations worked with chryblnd Scribe to realise a fantasy village, part Metrica Province, part Pandora and with a dash of Westeros.
The village houses builder platform, photo studio, and rehearsal stages for Guerilla Burlesque as well as an office for Idle Rogue productions and a spectacular ballroom originally designed for Jordan Reyne.
Stepping stone paths join several of the sky islands, while others float independent and provise quiet contemplative areas. The entire village is intended to combine the Idle Rogue's love of pretty things with functional and elegant working platforms.