Sunday, June 20, 2010

The History Of Idle Rogue Part Three

The Beautiful Freaks Burlesque Circus was born in September of 2009.

I loved my work in traditional burlesque, but increasingly I wanted to work with non-traditional musical genres. I am a rock chick, and it occurred to me that people might enjoy a show that combined the growing skills of the Virtual Burlesque team with a modern, dark carnival ethic. I had visions of presenting an "arena" type show on the Idle Rogue stage, but in acquiring the extra prims necessary, I acquired a little more physical space. Searching for props at (*chanimations, we found the Circus tent, and everything simply fell into place.

The team of Beautiful Freaks included some of Idle Rogue's staunchest supporters - the incredibly talented Slappy Doobie and her partner, Ellie Criss, Jewellah Magic, Tilly Theas, Katherine Burkett, Madb Muircastle, Knowledge Tomorrow, Else Barnard and Sabina Pinion have all given their total love and support from the very first day. In the months since then, Madison Pinelli, Flidais Etchegaray, oOTWITCH JigsawOo, Alexis Direwytch, Purple Direwytch, Budley Stoanes, Endo Devin, Zabet Weatherwax and Boo Eberhardt have brought their creative talents to the ring.

The Beautiful Freaks Burlesque Circus now runs every friday at 7pm, and draws a solid audience every week. They saved Idle Rogue, injecting it with new blood and a fresh purpose. Their presence on Idle Rogue draws some of Second Life's most interesting avatars to us, and across the months, the Beautiful Freaks have grown into a loose, loving, crazy family, whose home is Idle Rogue.

Idle Rogue - Beautiful Freaks Circus (exterior)

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