Friday, March 30, 2012

DeepSky Timeless leads the Return to Idle Rogue

DeepSky Timeless returns to Idle Rogue this weekend. His collaboration with Guerilla Burlesque last year resulted in some breathtaking concerts, and we are proud to present some highlights of the show in a re-introduction for 2012.

DeepSky Timeless is a writer and musician whose metal and prog-rock formed the backbone of the extremely popular virtual band Deep Sky Traveler. Deep's post-apocalyptic vision informs his music, and his sweeping soundscapes are profound, electrifying and flecked with wry humour. This is music you can only hear performed in Second Life, and features all the lights, dazzle, dance and spectacular you know to expect from an Idle Rogue production.

You are invited to dress in theme or just come along to witness just how good virtual entertainment can be. From 6pm, Saturday March 31st at Idle Rogue.

Stay connected for details of more of the very best of Second Life's musicians as they return to Idle Rogue and we get back to doing what we love best - live music. Let's rock!

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