Monday, April 16, 2012

Guerilla Burlesque and Guardian Spirit team up to raise funds and awareness

Guardian Spirit is a registered charity in the state of Montana, formed to raise funds to establish, maintain and staff a simulated environment in Second Life. Guardian Spirit aims to provide a safe environment in which high-functioning Autistics can learn valuable life skills and be part of a supportive community.

I believe in this endeavour. I am personally supportive of any venture that makes use of the immersive nature of virtual worlds to facilitate greater self-awareness. That is what I, personally, have gained from Second Life, and I see daily examples of ways other people use the medium to teach and to learn. It's no stretch for me to see how autistic residents could use the medium to learn life and social skills, in addition to gaining access to good quality support services, and that is the endeavour Marcus Morris and Guardian Spirit are proposing.

This Saturday night, Guerilla Burlesque will perform a special event, one-off show in support of Guardian Spirit, who will simultaneously hold a first-life event to raise funds and awareness. The show, under the direction of Curti5 Rexen, will feature some of your most-loved performers in a themed program full of dazzling effects and clever routines. Please set aside time to join us from 7pm on Saturday night for this wonderful cause.

You can see footage of the Guardian Spirit sim here, and read Marcus Morris' interview with his local newspaper, The Billings Gazette.

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