Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Benefit for Jordan Reyne

You can donate directly, or purchase albums at ... but you'd be missing, potentially, the concert of the year

Friends of Jordan Reyne are gathering in Second Life this Saturday, April 7, to raise funds to help Jordan get back on her feet.

Due to a series of unpredictable personal disasters, the things Jordan had been able to count on as part of a stable and nourishing life broke down, with the eventual result that, this very week, Jordan is homeless, without income, and has suffered losses to her personal belongings and equipment. And when we watched her put her beloved dog into foster care, some people thought: enough was enough. Those people, generous musicians and friends who have grown to love Jordan, decided to offer what they could - the proceeds from their work. To help.

A look at the lineup will show you that this concert will feature some of the very best live performers in Second Life. From the dynamic thumper Pol Arida to the cutting-edge alt maestro Dragonfly, to glam rocketeer LizAday Solo, every act is an outstanding example from our thriving live music industry.

What we need now is you. You and all your friends. Bring a few bucks along to the Benefit for JordanReyne at Idle Rogue in Second Life. It is the single best live music event you will see in Second Life this year. It will be a fun show, built out of love, as the best ones always are.

All donations will be collected and paid to Jordan via her Second Life account. You can also donate to her directly, via Paypal (, or purchase her albums to contribute. Use the link below to access the Benefit's home page.

Throughout my time working with Jordan Reyne, I have come to know that her particular gift is to shine a light on a dark place, and show us that everything will be okay - that it's okay to yell, and it's okay to howl, and it's okay to curse. That there's darkness everywhere, but you're okay if you can look it in the eye.

It's our turn. Jordan needs some light. Tag, you're it.


  1. Thank you for taking the time to organise this - I've sent over a donation via the site, and have posted to my LJ about this too.

    I hope the show is a great success :D

  2. What a beautifully written post. Whilst the likes of Jordan are incredibly rare and should be immune from all the pressures to make a living, that's not the way it works. In a crisis though, it becomes pay-back time. Now, as you say, "It's our turn."

    As an aside, a few eminent music podcasters will be featuring Jordan's music over the next week or two, some are planning special features. I'll try to keep up with what's happening and post links at where Jordan was Artist of the Month in October 10 and has been a favourite ever since.

    Thanks again to everyone involved in putting this together. You truly rock.


  3. Help this link is not functioning and I would like to spread the word to help Jordan!

  4. hi Cyber, the link seems to be working for me, not sure what's going wrong for you. In any case, you can donate to Jordan directly via Paypal using her email address,