Monday, April 2, 2012

Guerilla Burlesque to work with Guardian Spirit to raise funds for Autism Training sim

April 2 is Autism Awareness Day, and today seems like a good day to announce our upcoming fundraiser show on April 21st.

We have been approached by Marcus Morris, the founder of Guardian Spirit, to assist with raising funds for the sim he runs using the Second Life Platform. Marcus, himself on the autism spectrum, has established a sim and has effective plans to develop it as a virtual training facility for autistic clients. It is envisaged that the Guardian Spirit facility will assist with:
  • Effective training of social and employment skillsDeveloping pride, self-confidence and self-esteem in our autistic clients
  • Easy, fun and affordable virtual training and counseling
  • Precision employment training and placement
  • Real world growth for the autistic client through a virtual setting
Marcus believes that the Second Life platform and the virtual environment are extremely valuable tools for this kind of teaching, and we agree.

Guardian Spirit is a registered Non-Profit organisation. Because of the many  and varied ways avatars are asked to support charities in Second Life, Marcus went to some lengths to provide evidence of Guardian Spirit's first life presence and non-profit status. We know you want to know that the money you donate will in fact reach it's target. Those wishing to pursue verification should IM chryblnd Scribe inworld in the first instance.

The Guerilla Burlesque troupe is very supportive of Autism awareness, and they are all keen to present a fun show to a new audience - this event will be held at 6pm SLT, and not our usual midnight timeslot. We hope fans will be excited to invite their friends who cannot stay up late enough to see the weekly show. Curti5 Rexen is overseeing the production of this event, and we plan to release more information on just what the event will feature over the coming weeks. What you can be sure of is a vibrant, dynamic and quality production from a team who does just that every week.

Save the date and join us for a fun night with a heart of gold. Saturday, April 21st from 6pm at Idle Rogue.

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  1. Guardian Auttie, Inc - Guardian Transition Services is here, ready and willing to help change autistic lives using my lifes work and experiance coupled with some of the most brilliant minds I can find. The name has changed, the mission and moral certaintity of the work I... WE need to do has not. If you are an autistic, if you are the parent of one of us please contact me at, or visit our blog at We are here for you, you are not alone.

    Marcus Morris
    Founder and Creator of the Guardian Concept, Guardian Auttie, Inc / Guardian Transition Services
    406 698 1679