Sunday, April 8, 2012

chry's thank you for the Benefit for Jordan

So I need to do a great big speechify thing. I have some thank-yous to attend to (headsup - it's a looooonggggg one):

LizAday Solo was the first to come to me and say "we need to do something"; hot on her heels was G.Bevin, and while I was worrying about compromising Jordan's dignity, it was G who rang her and said "would this help?". Without them, the Benefit For Jordan Reyne would not have happened, and as most of you now know, it was an outstanding success, and will make a real difference to Jordan's current, fairly dire, circumstances.

G also ran up the webpage, with the buttons to make purchases and donate directly. We wanted people who could help to do so in a way that was immediate, and that bypassed the handling of people in the middle. For those who would donate in world, we wanted something simple and transparent, so that you could all see that the money went where we said it would go, as soon as possible after you donated it. Hence "Rogue Fretwerk" now outed as my alt :-)

I'm going to post the thanks to the next entity as his avatar, though I would be overjoyed if people in his real life know how kind and thorough he is. Dragonfly Live brought in several performers. I was schooled hard last time I did a charity event about asking people to perform for donations, and didn't want to do it this time. I asked in the most general way possible for people who wanted to give their time and ebergy, and I want to thank Mel Cheeky, Pol Arida, Russell Eponym, G, Liz, and Loreen Aldrin for their immediate generosity and response. But Joel (Dragonfly), filled out the rest of the bill with really talented, generous musicians who joined with the others to make the event not just successful, but a joy to participate in. I'd be thrilled to death to have attended that concert in real life, it was as good as any festival you can imagine (okay, maybe not soundwave, but horses for courses lol).

I need to thank, individually, and specifically, Russell Eponym, Mel Cheeky, Marvin, Pol Arida, Brendan Shoreland, Lisa Brune, Rara Destiny, Dragonfly, Loreen Aldrim, PT Beardmore, Lyrica Acoustic and LizAday Solo for their thoughtful compassion and their professional courtesy. Some of those people are not on facebook, or are not on my facebook (lookin' at YOU Russell Eponym), so if you know them please let them know how immensely grateful I am. Whether or not you know them, please support them, go to their gigs and tell your friends about them - they deserve it, they rock.

Important to thank is Thea Dee and the army of host-assistants she brought to the fray, ready and schooled for war lol. You guys made it fun and charming, I loved working with you. Thanks also to Cricket Palianta for shouldering the load in her super-heroine way - you don't know how important a break is til you haven't had one for seven hours! This event not only had the best musicians on the grid, but the best hosts, and it showed. I was so proud to be amongst you.

Last but never ever least, big love to my personal wailing wall, Lingual Markus, who never lets me down, and Shippy Creations who always builds me up, as well as the Guerilla Burlesque team and the mighty Idle Rogue. You guys are the net, and I'd be splattered guts without you.

Thank you all, on my behalf, and on behalf of Jordan, who will, I am sure, thank you herself when she is able to get decent access to you all. It's estimated we raised over 900 pounds - I draw the line at learning english money, I think it's enough that I master six clocks without lasting damage. This is a lot of money, though probably not if you have to pay a rental bond and rent in advance with it. We made a difference, and we showed Jordan how well she is loved across the globe. Congratulations, and again, always, and with more than a little astonishment - thank you.

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