Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jordan Reyne blogs about her album launch party at Idle Rogue

Idle Rogue and The Joy Of Steampunk combined forces to host a launch party for Jordan Reyne's upcoming album Children Of A Factory Nation on May 6th. You can read Jordan's thoughts on the launch party on her blog, Tales Of Salt, Sea and Machines.

Many thanks are due for the success of the night, not least Knowledge Tomorrow for her round-the-clock work to get the sim ready. To Curti5 Rexen for DJing a set of awesome, rare and beautiful. To the people, fans and friends of Jordan's, especially the ones who entered into the spirit of the event. To my Rogues, who run with whatever hare-brained madness I've dragged them into this time.

The party also launched the video for fan favourite Johnny and The Sea, created by Eloise Coveny and Johnathan Lamb. A wonderful rendering of a tale that reflects man's anguish in the absence of purpose, if you ask me, but I was a marine master's wife, I may be biased :-)

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