Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rough Giraffe reviews Idle Rogue


Owner: Chryblnd Scribe     Music Format: Alternative

Sunday            1 am – Tukso Okey
Tuesday         12 am – DJ Curti5 Rexen
                        2 am – Hazideon Zarco
                        3 am – Saintess Larnia
Thursday        12 am – Theme night with DJ Curti5 Rexen
Friday              1 am – Nohj Martinek
                        2 am – Mel Cheeky
                        8 pm – Bowie Bravin
                        9 pm – JimmyT49 Dukes
Saturday        12 am – Guerilla Burlesque Dance Show

Over 2 years ago, Idle Rogue started hosting Live Music events. They started off with a solid base of events and that is what has kept them going strong for so long. Besides live music, you can also join them for DJ and special events such as the Saturday Dance show. They vary in what's going on so every person can find exactly what they are looking for in a great time in SL.

Unique about this venue is that they generally don’t have hosts. At some venues this would kill a show. At Idle Rogue on the other hand, a supportive, friendly and welcoming audience is always present. Whenever you arrive here, you will be welcomed by the sweetest and nicest people around.

Not only are the greetings outstanding, also the music you get to hear is of a very high level. The setting of this venue is simple, not distracting from anything going on at the main stage. Gigantic pictures of the perfomer are a nice touch on the stage that give me the feeling I’m at a huge-rock-concert. Dark colours are used to give everything a touch of class and elegance and it all works together perfectly.

Idle Rogue however is not just a live music venue. They also run a 'New Resident Assistance Program' which provides avatars who are less than thirty days old with five weeks free accommodation, giving them an opportunity to attend events, meet other people and learn to function in a safe environment. With the friendly people you can find here, I am sure that new residents will feel welcome.
What do people think of Idle Rogue? Let’s give them the chance to tell us.

"I don't talk about many venues because most aren't run with the level of dedication my friend chryblnd puts into THIS venue." - Lingual Markus, The Roof @ NYC owner

"I love playing there most of all :) What makes playing there so great is that it just seems to be a gravitational force for cool people and good music" - Hazideon Zarco, performer

"Everyone is sooooo nice" - 10 Gumbo, VIP

"The good people, the great friends, entertainment and sexy dance shows" - Trinity Demonia, VIP

"Gurlilla Burlesque" - Rick Gearbox, VIP

"Always quality music at Idle rogue" - Aelva, VIP

This says it all and this is exactly the reason why you should visit Idle Rogue. You won’t be disappointed!

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