Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Idle Rogue Community - Exhibition

The latest addition to the Community Hall at Idle Rogue is the Art Exhibit of Sculpter Nessuno Myoo.

Nessuno Myoo is an inspiring artist from Italy, who will be exhibiting here at the Idle Rogue Community Hall for the month of April 2011.

I came across his work on Flickr, and fell in love with a piece called Living Dead Stories, which is now on display in the Community Hall.

From the artist (Google translated from Italian):
'Living Dead Stories' is a work that stems from the desire
want to expose your lungs all the rage and indignation
against a pseudo-journalistic television too often
goes hand in hand with that of the lowest of vaudeville entertainment
and which for years we see dazed from our homes.
An attempt to tell the truth that is being passed to 'better life'
without even really matters is entrusted to seedy characters
shift with difficulty dragging their miserable lives.
We like them-to-end unable to choose, to react,
but just remember what we were awkwardly,
in a corrupt and grotesque pantomime cyclic banner
degradation and bad taste. For all these reasons
is also a tribute to the extraordinary and romantic
literary figure of the zombie film and Romero,
of which-admit it-a big fan and at the same time
A metaphor for the pursuit of happiness through the use of technology ..."

The following sculptures are on display for April 2011:
Living Dead Stories
Absurd Trinity
The Angel
The Secret Escape Of Puppets
The Tale of Angels
I'm Here In The Tunnel

Nessuno is also on Twitter, Flickr and his blog

Please support our new artist and make him feel welcome.

Knowledge Tomorrow
Idle Rogue Community Hall - Exhibition Coordinator

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