Thursday, April 7, 2011

Things to look forward to at Idle Rogue

Lots of goings on, changes and temporary absences upcoming:

::: Guerilla Burlesque will present their first revue this weekend, at 12am April 9. This is midnight as friday turns into Saturday, for those who struggle with times. The girls have worked really hard to create a dance show that features interpretive acts from different genres.

::: JordanReyne Deezul is relocating to the UK as of April 20, which will narrow her ability to perform for an unspecified time. Idle Rogue will host a going-away party for her at 11pm on April 16. This will be a themed party and your chance to get your invitation to the launch of Jordan's new album (and videos)on May 6.

::: Saintess Larnia is taking a couple of weeks away from morning performances, so we are taking the opportunity to fill the empty space she leaves with some favourites. On April 12 at 3am, join us as POL Arida returns to Idle Rogue, and stay tuned to hear who's taking the slot on April 19.

::: The Follow are launching their new album with a "World Tour" and the Australian leg of the tour will be hosted by Idle Rogue. \o/ The Follow are an extremely popular alternative band in both RL and SL, and their last show at Idle Rogue packed the place out. Join us on May 6 at 6am to see these guys do their thing

There is lots more in the breeze, so keep an eye on this page as the announcements roll out!

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