Monday, March 7, 2011

What it looks like

For those who are only mildly curious, or who haven't had time to come by yet, some pictures of the new Idle Rogue. Above is the live music venue (which will always be an outdoor venue, in a nod to my love for Australia's many outdoor music festivals). This is a big stage, big enough to hold anything we might dream up, which is always important at Idle Rogue. The stage has two "green rooms" which are provided for the comfort of performers and the Guerilla Burlesque dancers.

In addition, we have built an indoor club/theatre, the as yet unnamed home of Guerilla Burlesque, whoi will be hosting at least one dance revue each week. These will not be strictly burlesque performances, although those will be welcome. We are looking to celebrate dance acts and performance art in as many forms as we can find.

The primary focus of Idle Rogue remains entertainment, particularly live entertainment, and Idle Rogue will always have an "alternative" modus operandi. There are some subtle shifts, however: we will focus mainly on the midnight-dawn timeslot; we will not limit ourselves to live music; and we will continue to encourage all forms of content creation where we can.

Other plans include: classes and workshops, new resident assistance, a monthly magazine, games, competitions and other "community" pursuits. If you are interested in any of these things, please IM chryblnd Scribe and join either the Idle Rogue group or subscription list.

You can view more photographs from the sim on our flickr page.

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