Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday October 23rd at Camp Roguery | Burn 2

Friday's Schedule

at 3pm - Kyra's Burn 
at 5pm - Interactive Dance session - Monster Mash 
at 6pm - Pasties and Panties Playa Art Tour 
at 7pm - Lamplighters Parade
at 8pm - JavaJoe Live 
at 9pm - Komuso Tukogawa 
at 10pm - Burnlesque 
at 11pm - Kate Bush Indulgence (Reprise)
at 6am (Saturday) - Burn The Man

Yesterday's Mail

Thursday at Burn is the day you crawl out of your swag ... or someone's swag ... and realise you're on the home stretch. It's like a little mid-life crisis, where you realise it's all going to end and there are things you wanted to do. Yes, it's a kind of madness, but the trick is to channel it.

Cordie's interactive was themed around a selective trip through music from the 20s to today. Ever the glamour, it's going to take her a while to get that fine white dust out of those beaded dresses!

Hells and Aubs ran a Demented Clowns party, and I loved everything about that gig. The costumes were beautiful, the dance moves were fun and the set was wild. Hells put together a playlist of metal mashups, and every song was a winner. If you missed this event, don't sleep, clowns will eat you. Fact.

After the Lamplighter break we hit the sand for a tribal/fusion set from DJ Lindy Hopper, sublime hostess of The Electric Monocle. If you are someone who feels they need their musical spectrum broadened, I urge you to look her up. This was another beautiful, melodic event, with guests displaying superb costumes on Cyllene's exotic Belly Dance Pit build.

Speaking of Cyllene, last night saw the last of the "Pit" (Belly Dance shows. Cyllene directed all five of these across the week. I have briefly mentioned, more than once, how professional and thorough her shows have been. They were enjoyed by many Burners who are now new friends, and saw performances from new dancers, such as Anashara Dubois, Jenna Dirval, and Dear Misfit who built up new acts from scratch and often fought intense lag to bring them to the stage. Literally. They were gorgeous, as were those stalwart established divas, such as Aubreya Joszpe, Zahra Ethaniel, Deb Heron, Chewie Quixote, Cyllene herself, Maar Vollous and Queenie Acacia. Blaze DeVivre delightedly extended her repertoire, and through all of this, Cyllene steadfastly led, it was a  very big workload and an unqualified success.

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