Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sunday October 18th at Burn 2 Camp Roguery

After a stunning opening night in which the sim reached capacity twice, it's time to settle into the rhythm of Camp Roguery with a guide to what you can expect from the events at camp today.

At 3pm, Cordelia Cerise presents the first of her "Dance Interactive" sessions. These are enormous fun, not least because Cordie runs them at her own venue, Whymsee, so she's a skilled hand at bringing together dances, props and fun. You arrive on site, pick up the goodies and sit on a prim, and let Cordie turn you into an accomplished dancer!

From 5pm, chry and Deb will be running a party event, Corsets and Cigars. Corsets, because we know how much you all love an excuse to go burly, and cigars because we want the boys to feel just as loved. Slip into your slinky burlesque best and join us in the glittering ballroom at Camp Roguery. Chry's playing burly songs, retro songs and sexy songs to keep you amused while you sashay around the room.

At 8pm Guerilla Burlesque return with another Variety Revue. Tonight directed by Chewie Quixote, this revue will feature beloved dance acts from one of the premier dance entertainment troupes in Second Life. Then stay on and enjoy the ambience as we prepare for the first of our Pit Shows, premiering at 10:00pm.

Directed by Cyllene Dembo, the Pit Shows are an exploration of the various sub-genres of bellydance. Our first adventure is steampunk themed, and as usual at any Idle Rogue event, you are encouraged to dress in theme and enjoy the fun in the most immersive way. The Pit Shows have been together with Cyllene's customary elegance and grace, and you can expect to be both soothed and seduced by the performances planned for this week.

If you missed the opening show - Carnival Of Mirrors, don't be distressed, we are doing it again on Saturday 24th October with some slight changes to the lineup. This show was directed by Zahra Ethaniel and features dance entertainment acts in the Carnival theme, including a jaw-dropping group routine that depicts the transient glamour that is carnival life.

You can find photos from Camp Roguery Opening Night on Aerlon's Flickr page or on Facebook at the GB@Burn2 photo album attached to the Guerilla Burlesque profile page

ETA: Monavie Voigt took some photos from Carnival of Mirrors and published them in Showtime Magazine.

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