Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wednesday October 21st at Camp Roguery | Burn 2

Wednesday's Schedule:

4pm Traditional Belly Dance
The art form relies on simulating percussion and flow with the hips and torso, and these shows have been carefully produced to show off exactly that. These shows are hypnotic and sensual and today's Traditional display starts your Roguery day.

5pm - Interactive Dance Fun with Cordelia Cerise
Cordie's Interactive dance session today is a food fight, which promises to be a wet sticky mess you need to change the colour of your meditations.

8pm - Voodoo Shilton (live musician)
A gifted guitarist, Voodoo Shilton is in the top tier of performers in Second Life who can often be found roaming around in the jazz, gypsy, world, blues, classical and fusion genres. Musically satisfying performance from a classy entertainer

9pm - Funky Freddy Republic (live musician)
Freddy's distinctive vocals lend themselves to the classics of Americana, but his repertoire includes flashes of psychedelia and original rock, blues and alternative pieces .

At 10pm Space and SciFi Revue with Guerilla Burlesque
Yes, it's the home team, your dance troupe, presenting the best of their Sci Fi and Space themed acts in a revue directed by Chewie Quixote. Don't be shy, come in theme, you know we love it when you play with us ;)

From 11pm we round out the night with DJ Maeve Branner. Maeve's regular set on Idle Rogue is a nostalgic mindfuck of classics, covers and weird shit you are strangely drawn to and cannot leave. Like Space Food bars!

Yesterday's Mail

The day started quietly with Cordie's workout and a lull in the adventures until the Tutu Ball at 8pm. What a terrific event that was! Thea Dee took over the hud requirements, and the tunes were very well received. Outfits were dazzling and the banter was thoroughly entertaining from where I was standing. I recommend you check out Ty Szondi's photos for a feel for the Tutu love.

Exciting developments during the day saw two more events join the schedule. Due to popular demand, Blaze DeVivre and her team agreed to reprise The Kate Bush Indulgence at 11pm Friday night. I am still getting rave reviews for this production, and since I missed it on the first run, I am excited to get to see it. Will you come watch it with me? It will be one immediately after Burnlesque on Friday night, so you know there will be dancing in your Friday night visions.

Additionally, Thea Dee has had the inspired notion to take us on an art tour of the various installations on the playa, and since we are still striving to put the camp in your encampment, we have decided this is a pasties and panties event. As always we will take you as you are, but if you had some cute pasties  or boxers you've been dying to show off, this is your event. You'll need to bring a bike, or rezz one from our bike station, and the weather, I can assure you, suggests sunscreen. The Pasties and Panties Art Tour takes off from Camp Roguery at 6pm on Friday evening.

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