Monday, October 19, 2015

Monday October 19th at Camp Roguery | Burn 2

Sunday seemed to go well, so we thought we'd do it again for Monday!

Monday Schedule 
at 3pm - Interactive Dance session with Cordelia Cerise- Beach Party  
(see below). Dress for the beach!
at 5pm - Anj Gustafsen (live music) 
a rare musical treat from a truly accomplished multi-instrumentalist and vocalist
at 6pm - Traditional Belly Dance
regarded by many as an art form, Belly Dance is a traditional dance style believed to be Middle Eastern in origin. Tonight's performances are intended to reflect the fluidity and percussion of a well-articulated set of hips
 at 8pm - TwinGhost (live music)
TG is another sublime live and original vocalist-guitarist whose indie balladry is satisfyingly complex
at 10pm - Kate Bush Indulgence  Blaze DeVivre's magnum opus premieres at Burn 2 tonight. The Kate Bush Indulgence features performances by members of Guerilla Burlesque (SL) and a fully-realised vision for The Ninth Wave. This is original and new work by a gifted performance artist, don't miss it.
at 11pm - Goths on the Playa with DJ Chewie Quixote 
Something for the paler burner, Goth diva Chewie Quixote hosts this unique to Burn 2 event until 1am

Yesterday's Mail:

Sunday's events started out with a cool crowd at Cordie's dance interactive; if you've never been, she sets up mover prims and huds with dances to a themed soundtrack. She also sets a scene and provides some props to make it more fun. Tonight's event was a fusion of steamy songs and gearwork, and the costumes were a delight.

Deb Heron and I hosted the Corsets and Cigars event, and this was a truly fabulous outing, especially when the core Burners dropped by for a bit of play. Deb's choreo was dead on point for the glamorous crowd, and people seemed to enjoy those sultry sexy-burlesquey tunes. I had such a great time, I hope we do it again next year!

At 8pm we hosted Guerilla Burlesque in a mini-show that was short and very intense. New work from Aubreya Joszpe and Cordelia Cerise, plus much loved acts from Chewie Quixote and Zahra Ethaniel

The final program for the night was the steampunk-themed belly dance show. Directed by Cyllene Dembo, and featuring luscious performances from Deb Heron, Zahra Ethaniel (with Gamma Inifinity and Shesa Quandry), Maar Vollous, Maeve Branner and Cyllene herself, the soundtrack was carefully curated by Rebecca Dembo/ The sets were rich and intriguing and as someone who has never really caught the belly dance virus, I was riveted.  I look forward to the rest of the weeks belly events with great interest.

Photos from today's events can be found on the Idle Rogue Facebook page.

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