Thursday, October 22, 2015

Thursday October 22nd at Camp Roguery | Burn 2

Thursday Schedule

3pm - Dance Interactive with Cordelia Cerise - Through The Year
Cordie takes you time travelling the old fashioned way - with great music and dance from times past
4pm - Demented Clowns with DJ Lobo and Aubreya Joszpe
It's Hells. It's Aubs. They're demented, and they're clowns, and you know this will be the most fun you can have standing up, so get your big feet on, let's go.
8pm - Tribal Fusion with DJ Lindy Hopper 
The elegant and erudite Lindy Hopper crafts playlists of fusion and tribal music that are at once remote and yet familiar. Equipped with the superpower of enabling you to feel swept away to exotic locations within the first four minutes of hearing her music, Hopper's warm and charming persona completes a truly memorable musical experience
10pm - Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Pit 
The Belly Dance Pit, scene of so much languor and delight this Burn 2 week, welcomes proponents of the Tribal/Fusion school today. Take your seats around the circular stage and enjoy the passionate melding of cultures.
2am - Vocalist-Guitarist Tallyesin live
Something for our Southern Hemisphere Rogues, an old favourite rejoins us for a run at the Burn stage. Tallyesin is a sublime vocalist-guitarist with a smooth but never bland musical style. Playing covers you will instantly recognise and his own alt-ballads, Tally presents a rich and engaging musical experience in the wee small hours.

Yesterday's Mail

It was all about that space last night at Camp Roguery. It's hard to spell, isn't it, Roguery? I've seen some wild version of it this week!

Wednesday started with a Belly Dance session in the traditional style. Performances from Aubreya Joszpe, Maar Vollous, Queenie Acacia, Anashara Dubois, Thea Dee, Chewie Smith and of course the Queen of The Pit for 2015, Cyllene Dembo, flashed and twirled "old school style" for a relaxed but attentive audience reclining amongst the cushions.

Cordie's interactive dance sessions are always well-attended, and you could see the words "food fight" brought them from across the Playa.

 Voodoo Shilton and his harem of (yet more) belly dancers took the floor from 8pm. Voodoo never disappoints, with his warm demeanour and his formidable fingers. He warned us that FunkyFreddy was going to be in the mood to tell stories, and he was on the money. With or without music, Freddy is a superlative storyteller who ranges through images that cannot be anything but a very human Americana.

Guerilla Burlesque ran a dance show featuring acts about Space and SciFi, with presentations from Zahara Ethaniel, Maeve Branner, Blaze DeVivre, Chewie Quixote and another coup de grace from Cyllene Dembo, who reprised her 2014 redemption epic, "Death Is The Road To Awe' to loud acclaim.

We closed out the night with in-theme tunes from the encyclopedic collection of Maeve Branner. As the nerd among the geeks I was lost in space, but the crowd were fun and fabulous, and that's what it really takes to make a great night out.

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